Climate Change: A Generational Clash at Amazon

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  • POSTED ON: February 6, 2020

Boomers and Millennials are at war…

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There’s no denying that boomers, Generation X and Millennials never get along. The boomers refuse to update their knowledge and skills with time, and then they feel threatened and insecure seeing the millennials prosper. As a result, they develop this delusional fear that the millennials are after their job. Some even strongly believe that they’re being wronged and victimized, which is a predictable boomer behavior

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Now it can’t be denied that both generations have distinguished ideologies and philosophies to abide by. Social issues like climate change are not as much of a concern for the boomers as it is for the millennials. In fact, millennials find this matter to be their highest priority.

Last week, Amazon witnessed a similar problem. To be fair, this clash is happening around the globe and in every industry or/and sector. But, at Amazon, the boomers in leading positions are trying their best to control its young activists. Approximately 360 employees have protested against the company as they firmly accuse it of taking underwhelming actions against climate change.

Basically, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice have published quotes from 360 employees which are directed at their company’s carbon footprint and its association with oil and gas companies.

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For example, Kevin Albert – the software Development Engineer quoted; “I’m encouraged by our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and confident that Amazon will exceed our 2040 carbon neutrality goal. Still, there are thousands of Amazonians who believe that we can and should do more. I’m disappointed that Amazon is responding by attempting to prohibit the discussion of public company information.”

Similarly, Amanda King – the Queue Management Analyst said; “I am thankful Amazon is committed to net-zero emissions by 2040, but we simply do not have the time. For a company like Amazon, we need to be net-zero by 2030 at the latest. Amazon needs to be willing to follow its core principles and take ownership; by cutting ties with big oil we can show that we truly are committed to the future and not short term profits. You simply cannot be for the earth and still be turning a profit from fossil fuel.”

This is the generational clash. When you come to think of it, eight out of the top ten executives at Amazon are white males in their late 50s, and the remaining two are women in their 40s. This is the classic boomer or baby boomer bracket.

On the opposing side, we have the employees who, on an average, are in their 30s. Hence, this clearly discloses how there’s a constitutional difference between two separate generations.

Now you must be wondering why this is important. All generations have a similar approach to work, so how can their fight become so public and ugly? Do they both want to derive meaning from their work? Yes. Are they both interested in having discussions on climate change or any other social issues? Not entirely. Are they both willing to give up their jobs on an issue like climate change? A definite no.

Well, the boomer generation wants to play safe. They would be on your side for as long as it doesn’t endanger them and this is exactly what infuriates the millennials. They feel that there are things much bigger and more important than your own self. Climate change is a potent discussion and a problem that is bigger than all of us. It’s about life and how we’re treating the planet.

Millennials strongly believe that they have the power to change the world with their actions. As a matter of fact, 77% of the millennials claim that they can make a difference by simply raising their voice against horrendous acts. They hold this belief that they have the right and obligation to speak against their own company if they observe misleading actions and statements.

Hence, in a typical boomer rebut, the leaders of Amazon threatened to fire its employees by claiming that they’ve breached the external communication policy. The policy essentially withholds them from speaking publicly about the company’s position and standing on social issues like climate change.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is not the only high-tech company that is facing this backlash. Google and Microsoft employees have also raised their concerns publicly by maintaining peaceful protests.

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Anyway, boomers are boomers in thinking that the millennials can be controlled. But what do you think about this controversy? Do you think that the employees are being irrational or do you support and encourage them to stand their ground? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

Updated February 6, 2020
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