Congresswoman Proves Postmaster’s Lack Of Basic Postage Knowledge

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 26, 2020

It’s the common sense that a person who is supervising the Postal Service across the country, the chief executive of the U.S Postal Service, would know the basic knowledge about how the services operate. But to our surprise, it turns out this isn’t a job requirement!

When Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General, appeared before the House Oversight Committee, on Monday, regarding his latest USPS management and the prospect of mail-in ballots, it was a moment of utter embarrassment and surprised when he struggled to answer even the basic questions related to postage.

The level of his ignorance reached new heights, and we all are left startled!

The hearing really started heating up as soon as Katie Porter, California Congresswoman, called in to question via video chat. She went on asking the simple questions about the cost to mail a postcard or a square envelope, and the postmaster went blank!

The only answer DeJoy could give to Rep. Porter’s questioning was that he doesn’t know with some nervous laughter bouts. At one moment, he even said that I accept that I know only a bit about our postage stamp and he couldn’t even tell the number of people voted via mail in the last presidential election.

After DeJoy couldn’t answer most of Rep. Porter’s questions, the Congresswoman said that she is glad that he knows the stamp price, but she is concerned about his understanding of this agency.

Though, Rep. Porter gave a fair warning before the hearing. She tweeted:

She took to twitter again after questioning DeJoy, and this time she roasted him pretty badly with a fiery GIF adding:

The clip of Rep. Porter’s questioning to Dejoy nervous responses went viral on Monday afternoon. The video went viral for proving postmaster’s failure to answer simple postage questions. People were criticizing DeJoy’s utter ignorance while praising Porter’s questions. 

At Least DeJoy has learnt his lesson, and from now onwards, he wouldn’t appear unprepared to Congress hearing ever again. 

Updated August 26, 2020
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