Conservative Twitter was not Happy with Thunberg’s Appearance on CNN

  • POSTED ON: May 15, 2020

Conservatives never seem to disappoint us! They have always felt threatened by petty things and it is good to know that a 17-year-old climate activist is just as dangerous for them as any other elected candidate. 

Source: The Daily News

On Thursday, CNN hosted a global coronavirus special and invited Greta Thunberg to speak about the effects of the virus on climate change. This caused an outrage on Twitter as the haters of the teen activist started bashing CNN for including her in a team of specialists.

Maybe CNN should sit this one out,” snarked conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro before Thunberg’s appearance.

Source: Twitter

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that one of America’s finest coronavirus specialists President Trump’s son also gave his two cents of criticism. He tweeted, “Greta Thunberg having a remarkable career already in that as a teenager she’s now a world-renowned infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist AND a leading scientific voice when it comes to global climate policy. Just wow so impressive.”

Yes, we all know that the only way to treat coronavirus is to drink bleach and stay in ultraviolet light, a remarkable cure that Trump Jr’s dad found last month.

The spirits of Greta Thunberg, however, remained undeterred. She responded to the online hatred in a poised manner, a feat that Conservatives find quite difficult to understand. “I am not an expert. I am an activist. The only people claiming that I’m an ‘expert’ are those who are trying to ridicule me,” tweeted Thunberg Thursday morning. “My message has always been to unite behind science and listen to the experts.”

If you watch the CNN special, you would understand that Thunberg did not present any knowledge that she was unqualified for. She did not focus on the biology of the virus as her aim was to discuss the consequences of such a pandemic on children, especially those who can barely afford basic necessities.

Amid the hatred, actress Patricia Arquette tweeted in her favor and said, “She has extraordinary knowledge and she is the next generation that is left to clean this mess we’ve made. They wouldn’t have her there if she wasn’t a powerful voice.”

Updated May 15, 2020
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