Coronavirus in Michigan: Weekend Roundup

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  • POSTED ON: April 20, 2020

Although the number of COVID-19 cases and the death toll continue to rise in Michigan, fortunately, the recovery rate is increasing as well.

This weekend, the state officials released the promising numbers and announced that 3,237 residents of Michigan have recovered from the fatal Coronavirus. The number is up from 433 which were reported last Saturday.

In addition to this, lawmakers are also considering to alter and implement new stay-at-home orders. Michigan has been having a rough time dealing with stay-at-home orders. Thousands of people even protested as unemployment is becoming a serious matter of concern for the residents of Michigan.

Although the order in effect is to be followed till the end of the month, Governor Whitmer might lift the restrictions earlier than expected. This decision will, of course, be the direct consequence of coercion and criticism. In fact, by lifting the ban so soon, Michigan can face the second spike of COVID-19 and endanger more people. Her renewed plans will be shared very soon.

Source: ClickOnDetroit

On Sunday, the total number of cases was reported to be 31,424 with 2,391 deaths.

Amidst all this chaos, Donald Trump had to make his opinions loud and clear. Hence, two days after the grand protest in front of the State Capital, he tweeted: “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” and in response, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer politely defended the state’s handling of COVID-19.

Adding more to the political drama, the Royal Oak Mayor Michael Fournier also called out the Royal Oak Commissioner Kim Gibbs this weekend. He straight up asked for her resignation as she was found guilty of attending the grand protest in Lansing last Wednesday.

And finally, Detroit has now started to map out cases by using ZIP codes. So basically, the Detroit Health Department is releasing COVID-19 cases by ZIP code. As per the map, the most number of reported cases come from the 48235 ZIP code. This is the south of 8 Mile Road, north of Puritan Avenue and between the Southfield Freeway and Meyers Road. The area currently reports 724 cases.

Here’s a polite request to everyone: Please, stay at home. Follow the guidelines provided by the government. The state is working incredibly hard to protect its residents. However, if you refuse to follow the rules, you will make things harder for yourself only. So, wear a mask, keep yourself sanitized, and stay at home. In case you experience any symptoms, keep yourself in isolation, and try to get tested as soon as possible!

Updated April 20, 2020
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