COVID 19 VACCINE| Florida | Are You Eligible? Here’s How You Can Get It!

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  • POSTED ON: April 6, 2021

Congratulations are in order,
because all Floridians of age 18 and above are now eligible for the COVID

Now that you know the big news,
here’s the main question: How is the Tampa Bay-area handling the auspicious

It has been announced by the
government that from Monday onwards, citizens aged 18 and above will be able to
get vaccine shots. It is being reported that kids of age 16 and 17 can also get
the shot if they have the permission of their parent or guardian.

After hearing this news, the
young lot is especially excited, as they’re elated to finally be able to feel
safer when out in the public. College and high school students can’t wait to go
back to living their normal life routine without having to worry about this
dangerous virus anymore.

As we know already, this is
apparently the largest and final call for the expansion of getting vaccinated.
In the first week, the state will receive over 800,000 doses – this sounds

The shipment is taken care of
by Johnson & Johnson and it includes more than 313,000 one-dose shots!

In addition, the Raymond James
Stadium is providing the Pfizer shot – it’s a walk-up sit that will be open
from 8am to 7pm for approximately 7 days. If you want to get your teen with you
to get vaccinated, now is the time!

You should know that the Tampa
Greyhound Track is the federally-run site that will be providing Pfizer vaccine,
but you’ve got to wait till Tuesday for it to be available. It’s up to you to
decide, if you want to go for the one-dose or two-dose approach.

As we mentioned earlier, teens
between the ages of 16 and 17 are also being provided the vaccine – but you
need to get the consent form available from the site along with a legal
guardian on site at the time.

Now that you know how to get
vaccinated, you should hear the good news from us: you can travel anywhere in
the US without any restrictions or mandatory tests. However, you need to still
wear a mask on planes, buses, and trains.

Look, we know that the new
guidance makes no relevance to the world anyway because everyone seems to be
following their own rulebook. People, at least in the US, have already started
traveling and making their own decisions. In fact, the American Airlines have
reported a significant 90 percent jump in the bookings.

So, what does the new guideline
mean? It means that fully vaccinated grandparents can now visit their family
members without having to go through the tiring COVID-19 testing procedure.
They no longer have to quarantine for 14 days, but they still need to wear their
mask and take other precautions like sanitizing and everything.

You must know the number of
Covid cases is rising every day, and so, if we continue at this rate, the
number of new cases will be slightly above 62,000 per day by Monday. People who
are fully vaccinated don’t have much to worry about, but the ones who have not
gotten vaccinated yet need to realize that CDC doesn’t permit them to travel as
of yet.

By Friday, the US is expecting
to surpass 100 million vaccinated people. As of now, 56 million Americans have been
fully vaccinated.

Who is considered a fully
vaccinated person? This is an important question! A person who has spent two
weeks after their last dosage will be considered a fully vaccinated person.
This time is required to build antibodies against the virus.

According to the latest
guidelines, after getting one or two shots of the vaccine, you can resume
normal activity.

We’ve been told that the vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc and BioNTech and Moderna are
able to minimize the risk of infection upto 80%.In addition, the risk of
infection spreading goes down to 90% – but only after getting the second shot.
The vaccine is also responsible for preventing the asymptomatic infections from

Now that you know that you can
get the vaccine shot, make sure that you abide by the law and protect yourself
as well as others around you!

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Updated April 6, 2021
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