Craving For A Glass Of Wine At Home? Let Us Serve You!

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  • POSTED ON: July 13, 2020

Don’t worry, BEER happy….

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Since the lockdown began, people have been observed engaging in some unusual-panic buying behaviors. Some wanted to get their hands on toilet paper while others were sweeping off hand sanitizers. But there was another group of people who were more concerned about their drinking cravings and stocking up their carts with tons of wine bottles- like there’s no tomorrow!

Back in the pre-coronavirus days, someone who wanted to toss up a cold one could easily head to a nearby liquor store or hit up the bar with friends.

But things are a bit different now! Going out knowing coronavirus is out there, means showing red rags to a bull to attack you! You will not only be vulnerable to viral attacks but also risking the lives of your beloved family members. Despite that, who wants to carry five wine bottles, a six-pack of beer, a handle of whiskey, and a few bitters at the bar cart, standing for hours in the line, just for the sake of a long sip of vino!

To save yourself a hassle of standing in line for hours, you can always benefit from alcohol delivery. If you’re someone who’s craving for a glass of wine but wishes to get it delivered to your doorstep, then here’s the list of the best places from where you can buy alcohol online.

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You will never be run out of options while shopping at They have a variety of wine selections, you can either browse through the curated lists of regional wines or choose from your favorite deals. They also offer a list of wine accessories such as gift baskets and glassware to add-on with your wine bottles.

A perfect wine bottle should have to satisfy all your five senses, it should have a pleasing appearance, good smell, touch and the satisfying “ppsspp” sound on its opening, and online shopping won’t give you that liberty! Well, each product at has a separate page based on its reviews from reliable critics, added information about the vineyard, ingredients and so on. This will allow you to judge a wine bottle through every aspect, and choose the best one for your evening.

Craft City

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Ever tried a craft beer that holds onto your taste buds – perhaps you tried at your friend’s party or you picked it up while travelling, and then never found it again. Probably, Craft City may have it! The website also offers fizzy drinks, such as craft soda and craft Kombucha.

Here you can relish the world’s best craft breweries, right from the most renowned brands like Allagash and Ballast Point to the brands you’ve never come across. The best thing is, you can buy a single bottle instead of full packs, which means you can purchase a stash full of different beers of your choice. It will cost only $10 to $16 for ground shipping.


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In collaboration with your liquor stores (local), Drizly delivers wine, spirits, beer and even snacks, mixers, and party supplies at your doorstep. New Yorkers can have a free delivery while they charge only $5 for the delivery in other areas. Drizzly caters around 220 markets countrywide.

Pricing and stock availability may vary from one neighborhood to another, but you can get hands-on all the big bars and brands supplies anytime you want.

Their prices are exactly as of retailer’s, maybe less. They also run some promotions and deals to save you your valuable money.

They have a website and an application too. You can refer to your purchasing history for reordering.


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ReserveBar has everything you want from the top and middle shelf to spirits of any kind, and they will get it delivered to your home. Their deals are exclusively customized for gifting purposes, you can also ask for personal engravings, fancy crystals, gift baskets and glassware sets.

If you want someone to feel special-either it’s a family member, friend or colleague – ReserveBar is the place to find a perfect boozing gift!

Currently, they are offering free shipping on the purchase of $150 or above by using the code “SHIP150.”

So, which place would you go for?

Updated July 13, 2020
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