Cut Trump Some Slack on This World’s Kindness Day 2020

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  • POSTED ON: November 13, 2020

Quick challenge: Name
one person who isn’t irritated by Donald Trump.

Kidding! Look, we
understand that the man is unbearable, but after spending four years in his
reign of terror, you’ve got to admit that he’s an inevitable droll, considering
the mockery he’s made out of the American democracy. He has singlehandedly made
a fool of an entire nation in front of the rest of the world – and that, my
friend, is talent. He’s an undeniably selfish businessman who left ethics out
before stepping into the prestigious White House.  

However, we should understand
that the man’s had a rough year. We’re not even going to count the number of
times he’s been trolled because his average score per day is no less than one
thousand. Let’s review the last two months – he contracted the Coronavirus, got
mocked nonstop during presidential debates and republican rallies, and eventually
got kicked out of the White House by the nation in a fairly pathetic race.  And those who know him well know that he doesn’t
like losing.

Here’s what we think –
let’s cut him some slack on World’s Kindness Day.

And we’re going to give
you proper reasons to be kind. We don’t intend to make fun of the screaming
Carrot Demon. Not a chance.

So what if he’s got a
reputation for dissing his opponents and critics – We’re pretty sure it’s equally
hard for preschoolers to take criticism.

Donald Trump participates in spouting
off nicknames to his enemies (believe us, he has countless), but other people
have trolled him throughout his presidency (and before). Do you think it’s
fair? Read on to decide for yourself.

Cheeto Jesus

So, Trump enjoys
tanning beds as they give him that orange glow that he likes so much… so what?
We all have our weaknesses – you know that dress that doesn’t fit us well and
make us look like a hot air balloon. We should really stop making fun of that
half-done orange tan because it’s kind to not say everything that we’re thinking
out loud.

Source: WDBO

Anyway, Rick Wilson was
the one who coined this nickname back in 2016, in one of his presidential
campaigns. Is it hilarious? Yes. Should we continue referring to him as a Cheeto Jesus?
Well, as long as Jesus remains intact because we all know that Donald
Trump suffers from superiority complex (so, maybe he wouldn’t mind).

Captain Chaos

We all like
superheroes. There are millions of fans across the board of Captain America and
Captain Marvel. But who knows about Captain Chaos? Yeah, he’s got his own
superpowers – he has insane medical knowledge, a great sense of humor, and impeccable
leadership skills. Haven’t heard of him yet? It’s our very own – and soon to be
gone – President Donald Trump!

Source: TechCrunch

Look, his presidential
campaigns have always been bizarre, unpredictable, and crazy. So naturally, the
only word that encapsulates the vibe during election season is chaos. And guess
who’s in charge? The greatest leader in the world, Mr. Donald Trump AKA Captain

Rome Burning in Man Form

Say whatever that you
feel but we see a high-budgeted Hollywood movie when we hear this
nickname/description. In fact, we believe Johnny Depp would be ideal for the
role because he’s already had some experience. But again, who do we have to
thank for this insane but articulate description? John Oliver!

Apparently, Oliver was
doing his research and found out about many shady business deals of Donald
Trump. Naturally, he used his wit to channelize the anger – great defense

Dong Wang 懂王

As you know, Donald
Trump is not on good terms with China. He was straightforward in his approach
and blamed China for the pandemic. How can any of us forget the time Trump
called Coronavirus as Chinese Virus? There were many public hearings when he
failed to keep his personal opinions aside so naturally, it’s hard to forget.

But hey, this banter is
two-way! Do you know that the Chinese internet never calls him by his name
either? The whole world is practically in on this joke. Anyway, so when Trump referred
to COVID-19 as Chinese Virus, Chinese internet started referring to him as Dong
Wang. It can be translated to “the king of knowledge”. Honestly, this is bound
to happen if you start recommending innocent people to drink bleach to get rid
of the Coronavirus.

Tiny Hand Sir

Everybody has insecurities
– it’s human and normal. But Donald Trump refuses to admit that he doesn’t have
small hands. His hands have been the butt of many amazing jokes (Please, don’t
go there) and given birth to several hand-centred nicknames.  

Source: India TV 

Anyway, there’s light
at the end of the tunnel no matter how much we joke about Donald Trump height and hands, Melania Trump, Donald Trump Twitter crap, Ivanka Trump, Barron Trump, Ivana Trump or Donald Trump education – Trump’s presidency is about to end and we finally
have a respectable president to represent us. Let’s try and be kind to Donald
Trump in his final days in the Oval office because we believe it might irritate
and throw him off for some time at least on World’s Kindness day 2020.




Updated November 13, 2020
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