Deactivate Your FB Account and Get Paid By The Facebook

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: September 5, 2020

An easy income for those willing to give up their socials for a few days!

In an attempt to investigate Facebook’s role in democracy, the company is paying users to deactivate their accounts ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

Facebook declared that it was collaborating with external researchers for studying its social media platforms’ impact in shaping democracy during the forthcoming presidential election of the US. Facebook is hopeful that around 400,000 users will participate in the project. Once users get on board with them, Facebook will be able to monitor their social interaction, including both Instagram and Facebook.

In order to amplify everything that is best for our democracy on today’s social media as well as to mitigate against that is not, there is a need for us to be more dispassionate, objective, empirically grounded research – Facebook’s blog post.

Today, we announce the latest research partnership to fully understand the Instagram and Facebook impact on critical political behaviors and attitude during the elections of the US 2020.

According to the Washington Post’s screenshot on Thursday, that the company is reaching out to users in their DM, asking them how much they’d be willing to get in order to deactivate their Instagram and Facebook accounts ahead of the election. Facebook will be paying participants anywhere between $10 to $20, depending on the period they keep their accounts deactivated for.

Facebook’s spokesperson also confirmed the news on Thursday, saying that the Facebook plans to pay whoever is willing to participate in their research project. Liz Bourgeois, the spokesperson of Facebook, said in a tweet that anyone who opts in no matter if its deactivating IG or FB or completing surveys for some time, will be duly compensated.

Facebook said that they wouldn’t release the results of the research until the middle of next year.

Updated September 5, 2020
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