Dwayne Johnson Supports Biden/Harris in a New Video with the Candidates

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  • POSTED ON: September 28, 2020

If only you could smell
the political synergy that The Rock is cooking!

Hollywood celebrities
don’t shy away from politics, especially when they have the opportunity to
support the people who stand against everything that Donald Trump stands by.
This is exactly why Dwayne Johnson didn’t shy away from standing tall behind Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Johnson backs Biden/Harris!

Yesterday the
popular wrestler turned film actor and producer posted a video on his
social media, urging people to vote for the Democratic ticket in 2020. He also
stressed on the fact that he has never endorsed a presidential candidate

His tweet states that as the centrist and political independent, previously I have voted for both of these parties. However, in this critical presidential elections, I would like to endorse Kamal Harris and Joe Biden. He urged that progress requires empathy, humanity, respect, kindness and strength and thus, all of us must vote. 

He attached the Vote
Save America link along with the tweet – a resource that helps visitors better
understand the process of voting and how they can get involved in “making
America great again”. 

Apart from the link,
there was also a video featuring Johnson in which he shares a few moments
conversing with Harris and Biden.

It was interesting to
notice that Johnson didn’t take Trump’s name at all during the conversation.
Instead, he focused his time on preaching the importance of virtues like
courage, empathy, humanity, strength, and kindness, etc.

Of course, none of
these virtues apply to the existing president.

The almost 8 minutes video allows Harris and Biden to repeat the same monologue that they’ve
been repeating on every platform since getting nominated. 

In the video, Johnson
simply acknowledges that the past four years have been nothing short of
insanity and that Trump’s government has tried to tarnish every aspect of
democracy. Thus, we have one shot at putting an end to this misery, so we must
stand in opposition and give our support to the ideological struggles that
preceded him. 

Johnson’s decision to
extend his support to the current presidential candidate is possibly motivated
by his recent brush with the COVID-19 virus. A few weeks ago, he had revealed
that he, as well as his family, had contracted the notorious Coronavirus. The
anger must stem from the fact that 
Trump has done nothing but undermine the
pandemic. The death toll has gone up to 200,000 in the US and all of them due to
the complications caused by the virus.

Hence, the diagnosis
must have been a wakeup call for Johnson, prompting him to get politically


Updated September 28, 2020
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