Easter Egg Hunts 2021 across the US

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2021 is on the first Sunday of April! The event is on the 4th of
April, which comes after Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. Some western Christians—
who follow the Gregorian calendars— celebrate Easter between March 22 and April

to the Eastern Orthodox Christian community, Easter is to be celebrated on the
Sunday between April 4 and May 8, as they follow the Julian calendar.

already established when the Christian communities celebrate Easter, but do you
ever wonder why is Easter called Easter in the first place? Isn’t it strange
that we simply follow a term without realizing its significance and history?
Well, that’s not going to be the case here. Before discussing various
traditions of Easter, like Easter egg hunts, we’re going to dig intohow the
event got its name!

What Does Easter Mean?

word Easter comes from Eostre, who is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and
spring. Many historians believe that Easter comes from albis which is actually
a Latin phrase. The meaning of the term is ‘dawn’!

we can make out from the different terms that Easter is supposed to be a new
day and spring suggests that we should adapt and bloom!

Religious Significance

is, of course, a religious event so we must also discuss its importance in the
light of religion.

the western Christian community, like some Roman Catholics and Protestants, the
event of Easter holds higher significance. It’s the time for fasting and lent,
which starts with Ash Wednesday and lasts till the next 40 years (excluding

should also know that the Sunday before Easter is known as Palm Sunday which
is, again, incredibly significant because religiously speaking, that’s the day
when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. It is noticed across the globe that some
churches prefer to start Easter observances in the late hours of the day, right
before Holy Saturday; this special service is known as Easter Vigil.

often begins with Great Lent – as an event called Clean Monday. Christians have
one last event before Easter,called Palm Sunday, which indicates the beginning
of a Holy Week.

Easter Egg Hunts& Other Traditions

now that we know the meaning of Easter and where it comes from, we can move to
another section which is about Easter traditions. Actually, this is where
things boost up and the element of fun comes to play

most important traditions that we’ve seen worldwide are that of Easter Egg
Hunts – this often takes the form of a festival where kids and families can
come and enjoy. Children indulge in egg hunting activities, meanwhile adults
try to blend in by painting their faces with fun colors and designs. Christian
also take pictures with Easter bunnies and arrange delicious feasts for family
and friends!

can also enjoy and participate in these events.All you need to do is find out
where this event is happening near you! And you know what? We’re here to tell
you just that!

you live in the United States, you are in for a treat!

Mesa Arizona, you can enjoy a great day out with kids. They’ve arranged egg
hunting activities as well as fun train rides! Pasadena California is also
holding these event so that kids in its neighborhood can come and enjoy a day
full of fun activities like that of the Egg Bowl. They’ve got a massive feast
planned for the adult attendees as well!

you’re in Colorado, you should check out Golden, as they’ve planned a game for
the kids where kids would have to find stuffed eggs that were scattered all
over the park – and that, too, at the sound of the bell. This sounds like a
great game!

living near Winter Park in Florida can also have a wild day out, as the
organizers have arranged a great Easter egg hunt for you guys! There are
apparently 1400 eggs all throughout the park and the entrée is free.

Illinois is also arranging a festival for its citizens, so prepare yourself for
a fun day of rides and arts. You can also take photographs with its famous
Easter bunny and participate in the Easter egg hunt.

food and Easter Bunny are incredibly significant when it comes to Easter. They
hold symbolic value as well as historical roots. Basically, the bunny is
supposed to hand out chocolate eggs to children – much like Santa who delivers
gifts on Christmas! Similarly, people are supposed to prepare an Easter basket
when going for the popular hunting festival.

far as the feast is concerned, the lamb is symbolic as the animal that
sacrifices, and so, it is often served during the Passover.

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Easter Egg Hunts, Easter guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic, do check out
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season and start your preparations for the egg hiding event 

Updated March 19, 2021
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