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2021 is just around the corner and it’s time for all of us to cook and arrange
delicious feasts for the family, work on decorations and most importantly plan
outdoor activities for the kids and adults both. Look, Easter is not just about
hosting the family feast – it is also about the activities, like egg hunting!

don’t always remember the food but you remember the activities and how fun it
was. Easter is the time when you actually lift and feel the community spirit –
it awakes the child inside you and makes you find happiness in the smallest

you ever been part of an Easter egg hunt? If not, then you have to be part of
this year’s Easter Egg Hunting celebrations! And if you find any problem
planning an Easter egg hunt 2021 near me, you can check out the spots we’ve
provided you below.

do you have to do? Nothing as such! All you need to do is get your Easter
baskets ready and find your way to the nearby hunt.

here’s the good news: In 2021, Easter Egg Hunts are in almost every state on
United States. Mostly children of elementary schools are allowed to participate
in the actual hunt – This is a great chance for you to take out your kids for a
fun day out.

will be several opportunities starting from late March that last till mid-April.
This year, Easter is going to be on Sunday, 4th 2021 and so most of
the hunts will start from the week before.

you are planning to attend a hunt, you must always check out its official
website where they provide all the details – you don’t want to miss it anyway!

look, if you find nothing in your area, you can always organize your own

Easter-Eggsperience | Mesa, Arizona

can find a lot of things activities in this hunt! There’s obviously your
traditional egg hunting activity alongside which you can also enjoy a fantastic
and carefree train ride and some photos with the Easter bunny! All of these
activities are packaged in a feasible way so go ahead and have a great Easter!

Egg Bowl | Pasadena, California

hunt is spread all across the Rose Bowl Stadium – so you can tell that its
large scaled and packed. There are over 80, 000 colorful eggs for kids and a
VIP Bunny Brunch for your family and friends. Again, you will get an
opportunity to have pictures with your Easter bunny.

Family Easter Egg Hunt | Golden,

celebratory hunt is going to be an incredible and memorable experience for your
children! You can get around the bell and hit off the hunt with the sound of
the bell – kids can begin their search for the stuffed and decorated eggs while
adults/parents can enjoy a feast and walk down the park.

Easter Egg Hunt | Winter Park, Florida

you know that this year approximately 1400 Easter eggs will be placed
throughout the Central Park West Meadow? It’s going to be a huge deal – you’d
imagine that activities would take a backseat due to the surge in coronavirus
cases but apparently not. In addition to this, you also get free admissions so
make sure that you prepare your Easter baskets early.

Easter Egg-Stravaganza | Chicago,

event has Easter eggs and animals as complimentary for the kids! You guys can
go ahead and make this day memorable by taking photographs and ride in the
carousel, etc.

Community-Wide Easter Egg Hunt |
Ottawa, Kansas

every kid had to find at least 20 eggs in this community-wide event. It is in
Ottawa University and you may also find carnival games and inflatables, etc.
Oh, there most important activity – face painting is also available!

New Orleans Mom Easter Egg Hunt | New Orleans,

event is held on a large scale because of the fact that it’s held every year
for the last eight years – about to hit its decade mark!

Anyway, so this event
accommodates roughly a thousand people and they will all be busy searching for
their eggs on the day of the event. Attendants can also enjoy face painting and
balloon art.

Village of Ruidoso’s Annual Easter Egg
Hunt | Lincoln, New Mexico

can set up a playdate for your children here – there are more than 5000 eggs
hidden for them to find! The Cedar Creek is in Lincoln National Forest, and if
you go ahead, you’re setting your kids up for a great time!

Egg Hunt | Sylvania, Ohio

hunting starts from Olander Park and the kids can enjoy a fun day comprised of
activities that end with an award ceremony!

mEGGa Hunt | Bainbridge Island,

are 7000 eggs hidden for this event out of which 80 eggs win you prizes! Make
your way to the Battle Point Park and let your kids have a wonderful day filled
with fun activities and good times. There’s entertainment and arts and craft
ready for them to indulge in. 

The White House Easter Egg Roll |
Washington, D.C.

may know of the tradition at the White House – there’s a White House Easter Egg
Roll that initiated in 1878! The event is free of cost but you might have to
apply for a ticket to make an entrance.

hope that you liked the aforementioned suggestions – but beware of the details
and check the official websites before reaching the location.

like we mentioned before, you don’t need to attend a nearby egg hunting event
as you can also organize your own. So here’s how you can do that!

you need to have a kiddie pool and place rice table or sandbox (whatever you’ve
got) to bury the eggs. You then have to provide the lids with a shovel and
scooper so that they find it easy to dig in. And oh, if you don’t have the
accessories, you can also whip up a bin of rainbow rice or make bubble water.
This is, in fact, a great exercise for kids and will help them get exposed to
different textures. Similar activities are applied in art therapy -so get

make also set up tournaments and have prizes for different winners. Of course,
maintain a ticket so that you have a strict rules so as to who can attend or
not attend the kids-related event. Have face painting available as well as balloon
landmarks. You can hide gifts alongside the eggs. Arrange group activities
where adults can come and decorate the Easter eggs – bring on the community

more information on Easter activities near me, like our page on Facebook.

you have any egg hunt ideas related to Easter celebration – to give the
traditional egg hunt a little twist – do let us know! We believe that our
audiences would enjoy reading about creative Easter ideas in the comments

Updated March 19, 2021
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