Everything about Jack Ma’s (Alibaba) First Public Appearance after 3 Months Disappearance

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  • POSTED ON: January 20, 2021

We reported to you
earlier that the Chinese tech entrepreneur disappeared after his last public
appearance, which was almost three months ago. He has now made a shocking come
back in a video where he can be seen praising Chinese teachers.

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After making comments
on the regulators and state-owned banks of China, the tech entrepreneur and
founder of ecommerce group Alibaba disappeared from the public eye. This, of
course, led to several crazy speculations – some thought he got murdered while
others believed he was abducted for large sums of ransom.

After criticizing the
officials, the billionaire was dressed down by the IPO of Ant, which happens to
be the groups whose payments he controls – it’s apparently also the largest in
the world!

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After this hurried
action, he also failed to show up on the sets of a TV talent show in November –
dedicated to African entrepreneurs – he was attached to the show as its judge.

The positive news is
that ever since his video emerged on the internet, his shares rose more than 9

colleagues and I have been studying and thinking, and we have become more
determined to devote ourselves to education and public welfare.”

He said in the video as per the transcript of his remarks which were later
shared on a news portal.

Ke Yan, who is an
equity analyst at DZT Research in Singapore, claims that his reappearance is
actually a great sign for the market. He said that he’s happy that Jack is
alive and kicking. He believes that this video gave reassurance to the foreign
investors that the worst has passed, and in case Alibaba gets nationalized, it
can all be sorted.

Here’s Jack Ma’s video!

Interestingly, his
video has emerged on the internet right after Alibaba started facing antitrust
investigation, which badly affected the company’s shares. The tech group also
tries to raise billions in an effort to offer bonds.

On the 24th
of December, the antitrust probe was made public – this is also a couple of
week prior to the Chinese Communist Party’s politburo.

They were committed in
cracking down the monopoly abuses that stirred a disorganized and unjustified
expansion of money. And by the 26th of that month, the central bank
issued a massive public rebuke of Ant Group.

In the last three
months, as we said earlier, several rumors floated around. Some insisted that
he had flown out of China to protect his life. 
However, his friends claimed
that he was still in the country and had no such urgency to leave the country.
Apparently, he just wanted to maintain a low profile because there were intense
negotiations happening between the regulators of Alibaba and Ant.

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It is being reported
that his overall wealth has fallen from $61bn to $53bn ever since his last
public appearance. This massive fallout didn’t seem to have impacted him as he
was seen smiling in the latest video. He did manage
to avoid the question regarding his whereabouts in the last few months, though.

The video was sectioned
and there was one segment where Mr. Ma was seen visiting a school situated in
the rural outskirts of Hangzhou; the school is built by his foundation.

In the video, he was
not just seen visiting these educational sites; he was also encouraging
business operators to support the rural teachers of China.

Duncan Clark, the author
of a book on Mr. Ma—apart from being the head of a Beijing-based advisory firm—
said: “There was a proof of life need
here. They clearly needed a setting which had nothing to do with finance or
anything sensitive. It doesn’t get more politically correct than rural

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According to his
spokesperson, Jack Ma has put his focus on COVID-19 relief efforts in China. In
fact, he has made his efforts known globally and is apparently considered a
“hero” in Africa after he donated medical supplies to literally every country
of the continent.

It shouldn’t be
neglected that it’s a common pattern of the past that most Chinese
billionaires, who criticize their government, end up disappearing from the
public eye and paying attention to philanthropy.

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What do you think about
Jack Ma’s video – his first public appearance after months? Don’t know about
you all, but his strange virtual appearance is certainly giving
us a dodgy feeling!


Updated January 20, 2021
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