Find Quarantine Buddies From Around the World Through Tinder

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  • POSTED ON: March 21, 2020

Dating is hard during a pandemic. 

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There’s no other app that can understand the pains of dating other than Tinder. It’s the OG that brings some flavor in your life by letting you swipe right and left. But with social distancing becoming a reality, Tinder, too, had to make some adjustments.

Tinder understands that people have the urgencies to meet people around the globe. Hence, by valuing our needs, it has made its passport feature free till April 30th!

Basically, this passport allows you to swipe abroad whenever you desire. Although the option is applicable to only the Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus users, but considering the whole pandemic problem, Tinder has made this option valid for all of its users.

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CEO Shar Dubey delivered the news to the entire tinder community by sending out a memo saying, “the technology to share, learn and listen to those that are experiencing this same situation in different geographies during an unprecedented period of isolation.”

The option of passport is extremely unique as it allows the users to search by city. To cut to the chase, you can drop the pin literally anywhere on the map and start swiping. Along with the statement above, the memo read, “we hope you use the Passport feature to virtually transport yourself out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world.”

Apart from this, Match has also launched a live-streaming feature. It’s called Live on its Plenty of Fish Service and it allows users to stream their dates. So, instead of chatting, you can date on a live video.

It is obvious that social distancing has made people feel lonelier than ever. In some countries, a complete lockdown is imposed, which is even worse. Hence, social dating sites are here to rescue! You can now meet the love of your life or one of the many loves of your life online through with a swipe.

Happy virtual dates!

Updated March 21, 2020
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