Five Incredible Solutions To Your Mask Annoyances!

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  • POSTED ON: August 3, 2020

Now, you have no reason to ditch your face masks after all!

As much as you hate to agree with this, wearing a mask has now become a crucial society norm. It’s no longer a choice but a social responsibility that one has to adhere for its survival!

Wearing a mask cannot only protect you from contracting the germs but also to others from contracting yours. Even if you’re not sick, a mask can be your primary defence against potential harmful viral microbes circulating in the air.

Gone are the days when we were not sure about the beneficiary-offerings of masks. Now hundreds of scientific evidence have been piling up proving that masks can trap droplets from your coughs and sneezes that may be lethal to others, hence protecting you and to the people around you.

Just by following this simple norm, you can actually be a superhero and straight the curve that will help to ease up the burden of health officials during the fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

While wearing a mask is extremely important for human survival, it can be a nuisance too. For those who have a million reasons to ditch their masks, this article is for you!

From foggy glasses to eating out in public, we have put together a list of most common problems related to mask-wearing and their solutions to make it easier for you. Scroll down and have a look at it, or be a good friend and refer this article to someone who is facing a similar problem.

For Foggy Glasses

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Among the clan that hates wearing a mask in public are those who also wear glasses. Well, we have three easy anti-fog remedies for you. You can either use a soap, have an anti-fog spray with you or seal your mask with a tissue. Here’s how you can do this:

With soap: Rinsing your glasses with soapy water can actually help to prevent the misting that impacts vision. According to doctors from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, washing your glasses with soap and letting it dry, leaves behind a thin film that helps condensation “to spread out evenly into a transparent layer” and prevent your glasses from fogging up. Though this remedy is not for those, who wear advanced glasses.

With Fog Spray: There are several anti-fog sprays available in the market which you can use to ward off that annoying mist appearing on your glasses. Again, this remedy is not for advanced glasses.

Seal the mask: Masks that don’t mean to fix against the skin, are probably the main cause for fogging on your glasses. For such masks, you can quickly fix the issue just by placing a tissue underneath your mask so that your breaths do not escape. Tissue can provide a sort of moisture block before your breaths reach to your glasses and produce mist. You can also wear a mask available on Amazon with cotton filter sheets to avid the fogging.

For the deaf community, who are having trouble understanding what people are saying with a mask on

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Masks are crucial for our survival, but our friends from the blind and deaf community have trouble understanding what people are saying with their masks on. Mask-wearing has limited their interaction with people while purchasing groceries and during their day-to-day business, leaving them stressed and isolated. You can buy masks that display your mouth through a vinyl section, so it would be easier for your deaf and impaired-hearing community members to read lips for communication.

If your kids are throwing tantrums for wearing a mask

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Whether they like it or not, wearing a mask is equally crucial for your kids as it is for the adults! However, they are some exceptions! Children under two years old should not wear masks- nor should the people who have trouble breathing.

“This is important because there are a lot of masks on Amazon right now for kids aged 0 to 3, and parents might just think it’s not a big deal, but this is a very important safety restriction,” Dipesh Navsaria told in an interview.

He said, “the absolute best way to protect your child and yourself from any respiratory infection is to stay at home.” The cruciality of protecting your mouth when out in public should not be neglected, but it doesn’t mean that you will force your kids to wear one. If your kids are not willing to wear one, then simply make them stay at home.

If your child is above the age limit, then there are some cool face masks available on Amazon for kids that are hard to resist.

For Asthma patients and people with respiratory issues

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The American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology recommended that there’s no scientific evidence that proves mask-wearing as troublesome for

Asthma patients, not wearing a mask would make breathing worse for them. However, people with Asthma problems do mention the difficulty in taking a considerate amount of breaths while wearing one.

If you’re an Asthma patient, facing difficulties in breathing while wearing a face mask, then the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology advises against wearing one and recommends to stay home as much as possible.

Having existing respiratory diseases, the best way to prevent yourself from catching vial microbes is to limit your exposure to the potential harmful places. It means staying in quarantine and following social distancing is your best defense against the virus.

If you are craving for a hamburger but can’t eat one when wearing a mask

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As we are advancing to adapt ourselves amidst the on-going pandemic, some masks unzip that enables you to eat and drink in public.

Point to ponder here, a loosely fitted flap defeats the purpose of wearing a mask to protect from virus and to the people around you from viral microbes, especially when it’s located in front of your mouth.

If you’re someone who is constantly craving for hamburgers or tortillas when out in public but unable to do so because of the mask, you can easily fix the issue with Velcro or a zipper mask to separate the straw hole so that you can cover it off.

But, for safety measures, you should skip it! Eating out in public means you’re more tempted to touch your face, hence potentially risking yourself transmitting the virus through your hands to the nostrils. So, no matter how much that hamburger is luring you to break the fast, you should better control your temptations for the sake of your safety.

Updated August 3, 2020
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