Footage: Person Dies after Being Struck by Blue Line Train in West Garfield Park

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: February 24, 2021

There’s no denying that train accidents are the most brutal

On Tuesday, at 10:40 p.m., a person was crushed under the Blue
Line train.

The unfortunate incident took place in West Garfield Park,
where a passenger—sitting at the edge of a CTA Blue Line platform at Pulaski
Road and Congress Parkway—slipped and fell in front of the train. 

He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced
dead, according to police.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office has yet to comment
on his death.

About two years ago, a similar accident took place where a man
was killed after being struck by a Blue Line Train. In that accident, though,
the person was deliberately dragged to the edge and was eventually run over by
a fast-moving train.

You can see the footage here:

After the release of this footage, family members of the
deceased claimed that the man was deliberately pushed in front of the train by
a police officer. It has been said that the man was illegally trying to board
the train without ticket and was stopped by a police officer.

As far as Tuesday’s incident is concerned, the details of the
accident haven’t been revealed to the public yet. It’s unclear whether it was a
suicide, or a murder.

Area Four detectives are still investigation the incident,
though, so stay tuned and like our Facebook page to find out more about it.

Updated February 24, 2021
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