From Freelancer To Founder, Here’s Preston Lee’s Remarkable Journey

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  • POSTED ON: June 25, 2020

Preston Lee is now a
household name with many websites to his credit, but many fail to recognize
that this inspiring man also began his journey from the bottom, and if he can
pull it off, you can too!

His journey is progressive and every accomplishment serves a purpose as it adds
value to his success. He interned for a year at I.E. Productions and went on to
work as a music and film marketing manager at Deseret Book.

When he was still enrolled
in Brigham Young University for an academic program in Communications, he
started offering online strategy consultancy and web designing services.
Afterwards, his journey began flourishing as he not only became the Content
Marketing Manager at Lds Living Magazine but he also transformed the business
by taking 100K visits to 2.2MM monthly Facebook visits, and that too without


After quitting this
job, a new opportunity knocked his door. He became the Content Director at
Monumetric where he served for 8 months. Not much is spoken about his abrupt
take off with this company but after a year, he developed a Freelance to
Founder podcast to inspire upcoming freelancers in the industry. He uses this
platform to inspire independent workers and entrepreneurs by sharing personal
stories of failures and success.

And all this time, he
never gave up on his one true passion – blogging. He’s been blogging for over a
decade and has contributed majorly to prolific websites like Entrepreneur,
Business Insider, and Forbes. Furthermore, he has written articles for
Honeybook, Bench, Andco, etc.

However, his top-most
accomplishment so far has to be of Millo – a company he started in 2009 to
create a sense of creative partnership and community with likeminded
individuals. At Millo, he and his team
collaborate and offer aid to young freelancers. With their assistance,
freelancers thrive like no other.

Over the years, his
colleagues have argued that Preston has it all. They believe that he’s not only
smart and charming but he also possesses a skill set needed to excel in a
cut-throat market.

Considering that he has
a podcast of his own as well as a company and a great legacy – it wouldn’t be
wrong to assume that he’s undeterred when it comes to leadership. Based on popular
consensus, Preston empowers the people around him and encourages them to
redefine problem-solving tactics. There’s no doubt that he’s been a mentor for

An old client of
Preston expressed that he offers useful suggestions and constructive feedback
while praising a job well done. He’s not secretive or insecure so he doesn’t
mind sharing knowledge that he gained from his own experiences.

Recently, he’s gone
back to his roots and gotten employment as an online instructor at Brigham
Young University. An old mate who attended his lecture said that his knowledge
and understanding of content marketing is insurmountable! If there’s one thing
that we can all imbibe from him is how to influence people with intelligence.


Updated June 25, 2020
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