Generation Z and Boomers Are Officially Not On Good Terms

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  • POSTED ON: December 17, 2019

OK Boomer is the best insult in the history of insults, and you can’t deny facts.

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OK boomer is a new-age catchphrase that has single-handedly symbolized a verbal eye-roll to the stereotypical attitudes attributed by baby boomers.

The butt-hurts seem to mind this term and have tried to defame it as an ageist remark instead of reflecting on their own behavior and accepting mistakes. Very boomer of them!

The phrase was popularized in November 2019 when a bunch of TikTok users started to post videos with the hashtag #OkBoomer to retort and mock the basic things that we’ve now come to expect of the baby boomers. Some of these behaviors and beliefs include resistance to technology, denial to climate change, the clever usage of “when I was your age…” ideology, and a constant condescending attitude.

What is ironic in this situation is that boomers are reacting just as the generation Z expected. They’re calling this phrase offensive and perceiving it as a personal diss. Along with the popularization of this phrase, the debate about ageism and generationism have started to make rounds. 

Huh, where were these boomers when sexism and women rights were being highlighted only a year ago? No longer traditional and prude, aren’t they? 

From Chloe Swarbick shutting down an older parliament member to the climate change protestors chanting “OK Boomers” during the Harvard-Yale football game, this term has taken over the world.

To piss off the boomers even more, below are some of the funniest “OK Boomer” memes. You’re welcome!

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Updated December 17, 2019
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