Goya Beans Are More Important To Trump Than The Country

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  • POSTED ON: July 16, 2020

On Wednesday, PresidentTrump was busy destroying the nation and promoting Goya on his Instagram.

In his recent picture,
the President of the United States gave thumbs up to the selection of Goya
products in the Oval Office. The picture was posted without a caption and
landed the family into yet another controversy.

Image Source – Google | Image by Yahoo!

Ivanka Trump, daughter
of Trump, singlehandedly violated the federal ethics laws by posing with a can
of Goya beans. She posted the picture on Tuesday and mentioned the company
slogan in the caption. For those who don’t know, federal officials are
forbidden from using their position to promote any product. And considering
she’s the senior advisor to her father, this was something.

The CEO of Goya –
Robert Unanue is a huge Trump supporter. In fact, he’s the one who received
major backlash
when he told a press conference that the country is “truly blessed… to have a leader like
President Trump.”

After this statement,
the Hispanic community boycotted this product despite the fact that this is a
staple product in every Hispanic household.

To show his support,
Trump Tweeted:
“The Radical Left
smear machine backfired, people are buying like crazy!”

Of course, there is no
data or evidence to support that Goya sales were actually up. Classic Trump!

If you want to find out
more on Trump and his problematic equation with the truth read Donald
Trump and His Assault on Truth: The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims
and Flat-Out Lies
by the Washington Post Fact Checker. It is available in hardcover
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When Trump was busy
exploiting his position, the country was experiencing severe issues, like the
worsening COVID-19 pandemic. If that’s not enough, then you must also know that
the extreme police
violence and the Black Lives Matter movement is also not getting Trump’s

Hospitals are
overflowing with critical patients, parents are terrified that the schools are
reopening, there’ major uproar and violence on the streets, but Trump is busy
promoting Goya beans on his social media.

Oh Trump, why are you like this? 

Updated July 16, 2020
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