Hasan Minhaj Reveals the Bigger Picture of Floyd’s Murder Case

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  • POSTED ON: June 5, 2020

Barely anyone else has the capability of reinstating points with facts like Hasan Minhaj. In his latest clip of the Patriot Act, Hasan pointed out that even though a white officer killed George Floyd, he was not the only murderer in the whole scenario.

The incident also included a Hmong-American officer who stood in front of the crime scene to protect his colleague from the cameras. Similarly, the person who called the police on Friday was an Arab-American. His point was that while white supremacy is a direct threat to black lives, other communities are equally complicit as they do nothing but watch and protect the murderers.

“That is America. A black man was murdered in cold blood, and we were on the fucking sidelines watching,”
said Minhaj, calling for non-black people of color to step up. “I’m not saying we were the ones who killed George Floyd. But we have to be the ones who pull that cop off his neck!”

Source: Netflix

In just twelve minutes, Hasan pointed out the hypocrisy of East Asian, Arabic, and South Asian communities and how they allow white people to continue inflicting injustices on the back community.

“We think we’re not a part of the story, but we’re at the scene of the crime! That’s why the full picture matters. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum — it happens in a system. We have to donate our money and time to black organizations,
” said Minhaj.
We have got to get our civics law school nerd shit on right now.”

He said that he understood how protests in the country are terrifying for people of color because they come to America in hopes of a well-developed system.

“But imagine if you lived in a country where the color of your skin got you killed for driving, jogging, sleeping, yelling, parking, babysitting, sitting in a van, selling CDs, selling cigarettes, opening the door, walking at night, wearing a hoodie at night, holding a toy gun, lying on the ground, being homeless, being in a dark stairwell, holding a cell phone, having a broken tail light, exercising horses, having a bottle of pills, shopping at Walmart, holding a BB gun at Walmart, holding a phone in your own backyard, eating ice cream in your own house, and shopping,” said Minhaj, as photos of black people who have been killed doing these activities covered the screen one by one. “You would say, ‘That is a lawless country — who the fuck is running the show?’”

“America’s story didn’t start when we got here,” said Minhaj. “When you become an American citizen you don’t just get to own the country’s excellence. You have to own its failures. That is the deal.”

Watch the full monologue here: 

Updated June 5, 2020
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