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  • POSTED ON: July 11, 2020

“To get a job you need experience, and for the experience, you need a job first!” This never-ending cycle quite resembles an infamous dilemma about who comes first- chicken or an egg! Whether you’re someone who wants to switch careers (CHICKEN) or someone who is applying for a job for the first time (An egg), you need a resume, probably a lengthy one!

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding a job without prior experience. Almost every other company is looking for candidates with at least two or three years of experience. And nobody gives a rat’s ass about freshers! Regardless of some jobs that are tagged under “entry-level”, they do require certain experiences like internships or a week of exposure in a conventional working environment.

Well, you can now have a sigh of relief, because Hayvine has brought you the list of jobs that don’t require any prior experience at all… Yes! You have read that right…

Since you no longer require experience for the following jobs, your only option is to win the employer with a great interview, we’ve got a solution for that too! Here is the brilliant guide on how to get a job, and ace your job interview from the get-go!

Home Care Aides or Home Health Aides – Who Helps the Most Vulnerable People in Our Society!

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Average annual pay: $22,470

Jo responsibilities: Home care aides or home health aides help senior citizens with their routine tasks, and provide some medical attention, like changing bandages, checking blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.

Customer Service Representatives Jobs

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Average annual pay: $27,834

Job Responsibilities: They are responsible to promptly respond to all the customer inquiries, address their problems, and provide technical support, mostly remotely. You may have to sign up for a training course, but other than that, no experience is required to get your hands on a CSR job.

Veterinary Assistants

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Average annual pay: $28, 002

Job Responsibilities: They are required to work side-by-side with veterinarians, handling office tasks, practice light medical work like measuring temperature. The veterinary assistant needs to complete a certification or diploma from high school, but no prior experience is required to apply for this job.

Customer Care Specialists

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Average annual pay: $28,898

Job Responsibilities: Their job responsibilities are completely different from Customer care representatives. Customer care specialists are required to deal with business customers (B2B) rather than individual customers. Some companies need relevant experience in customer service or call center, but many job postings only need a high school degree or relevant customer dealing skills.

Real Estate Agents

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Average annual pay: $50,299

Job Responsibilities: They provide assistance to people who’re willing to buy a house, help them look through a series of properties, placing an offer and other job responsibilities related to purchasing a property. However, you need to take a 60-hour course and have to pass an exam to become a real estate agent.

Legal Assistant Work

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Average annual pay: $50, 758

Job Responsibilities: This job is ideal for all the law aspirants out there. Students who are in law school can get hands-on experience of working with lawyers, helping them with paperwork, schedule meetings and depositions, produce status reports and many more. Though some legal bodies do require a “significant experience”, other than that, most legal assistant job postings are entry-level.

So, which one interests you the most?

Updated July 11, 2020
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