Here’s Everything that the Protestors Have Achieved in the US

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  • POSTED ON: June 10, 2020

The last two weeks have been revolutionary in the US and would probably go down in history as the most climactic events, as far as the fight against racial injustice is concerned. After George Floyd’s murder, when protesters took to streets to demand justice, a lot of people opposed this decision because they believed that protests cannot bring any significant change. To prove them wrong, here is a list of all the positive alterations that the government was forced to impose due to the demands of the protestors. 

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1. All four officers who were directly involved in George Floyd’s murder were arrested and charged.

2. A civil rights charge was filed against the Minneapolis Police Department by The Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

3. The officer who killed Floyd made sure he couldn’t breathe. Minneapolis officials have agreed to ban chokeholds against any offender.

4. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would take $150 M from the LAPD budget and use it for youth jobs, healthcare, and “peace centers”.

5. In New York, Mayor de Blasio has agreed to reduce NYPD’s budget.

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6. Minneapolis said it would disband the entire police department gradually.

7. Confederate statues have been removed from all over the United States.

8. Minneapolis, Denver, and Portland have removed police resource officers from public schools.

9. New Jersey said it would expand its use-of-force database and launch a pilot program to work on crisis intervention training.

10. Breonna’s Law has finally reached the officials in Louisville.

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11. The Dallas Police Department said that intervention in arrests is now allowed especially “when force is being inappropriately applied or it is no longer required”.

12. The Denver police said that now officers would have to notify their supervisors any time they pull a gun at a civilian.

13. Tulsa has decided to end its contract with the TV show Live PD.

14. A police reform bill has been proposed by House Democrats.

15. The Black Lives Matters movement has raised millions of dollars.

So, the next time anyone tells you protests do not matter, you can tell them about the changes they brought in just two weeks. From the civil rights movement to the suffragette, every bill was legalized after people took matters to the streets so we hope more and more people become aware and come out to demand their rights.

Updated June 10, 2020
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