Here’s Why Batman Is the Most Unlikable Superhero

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  • POSTED ON: August 26, 2020

all guilty of being obsessed with comic-book superheroes, especially since they’ve
achieved mainstream acclaim through fantastical movie ventures and blockbuster
castings! We love Iron
for his wit, Captain
for his earnestness, and Wonder
for her compassion and strength. Of course, these superheroes have
their shortcomings as well but almost all of them have many redeemable

of all, if you oppose capitalism, you would take full offense from the fact that Batman exists. It is true that Bruce’s parents died when he was young but hey, Joker
had it worse and he’s considered a bona fide supervillain. Bruce was a spoiled little
kid whose wealthy parents left him a massive fortune and thoughtful caregivers.
He spent all his time and wealth on taking revenge. He dedicated his youth to
train for martial arts and collect lavish cars.

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about Arthur? His mother was a hyper-delusional
who abused him psychologically, physically, and emotionally all
his life. He was lonely and desperate for help. He was deprived of love all his
life, and the system failed him when he needed therapy. His psychosis gave
birth to Joker!
Their stories are linked because both were born on the same day, only one ended
up being the greatest villains of all time and the other is worshipped by the

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isn’t just about the Joker and how unfairly the system treated him. We don’t like
for the amount of wealth, he inherited as it represents the inequalities of
life. This obnoxious amount of wealth was the root cause of all the evil
residing in Gotham.
People revolted and turned against the system because of the injustices they
had to bear.

invested his money on flashy weaponry and gadgets instead of healthcare. He could
have used that money to create jobs for people but that was not his priority.
Forget that, he could’ve used that money to get therapy himself because there
was a lot of unresolved trauma and grief inside him.

The truth is that he
was the personification of toxic masculinity. He said why fight your inner battles in a healthy way when you can simply hold your gun and shoot any anyone and everyone in sight. His fans like
his broodiness and anger, well that is a side-effect of person who is self-absorbent.

had no idea what Gotham was going through. By taking lessons in criminology and
sciences, he thought that he could tackle all the abnormalities that existed in society. All
he needed was a reality check because his people were broken. He wanted to
fight illness when he failed to understand the disease. He thought that he
could roll out some punches and fix everything. If only he studied the true
economic realities and social conditions, he might have had one more fan to his

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from being utterly dumb, Batman was a crazy stalker too. He believed that he
could spy on the citizens of Gotham for security concerns. Under no
circumstances is this forgivable. He’s a horrible father to his son, a trashy
detective, and an overall petty human being.

To be fair, BATMAN has lost all the sympathies and who knows for how long he can be known as a superhero!

Updated August 26, 2020
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