Hospital’s Respiratory Team Sends Powerful Message to the World

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: March 25, 2020

Despite being on lockdown, many people just can’t grasp the severity of this pandemic. Coronavirus is a serious health concern that wouldn’t slow down if people don’t stay in their homes.

Source: Metro

This is a respiratory disease that has taken away thousands of lives already. Every day you wake up to the news of hundreds of deaths. In Italy, the situation is so substandard that there is no space left for people’s burial. Every ten minutes there’s a burial and doctors have stopped responding to patients above the age of 60. Many places are shooting the ones who are being tested positive only to mitigate further damage.

But what is beyond anybody’s comprehension is the fact that people are still not abiding by the rules. It almost feels like we’re all a bunch of kindergarteners who are simply avoiding going back to class after recess. People are taking this virus very lightly while this lethal virus is literally causing economies and schools to shut down. 

People seem to have their priorities straight. They feel that going out for a run, having family reunions, and getting their hair fixed from a hairdresser is much more important than staying at home during a pandemic.


By not following the instructions, we’re not only putting ourselves in danger but also risking the lives of our loved ones. Our parents don’t have a strong immune system like us. They have multiple health conditions as a consequence of age and we need to be vigilant about that.

Hospitals are running out of equipment. We already don’t have a vaccine and by not following the government orders, we’re making it harder for our doctors. They, too, have families. But they are still in hospitals, day in day out, risking their lives to save ours. They are out on the frontline and they have a message for us!

“I’m Angela, one of the respiratory consultants. This is a crucial time; this is not a rehearsal. You will only have one chance at this. Stay at home.”

“I’m Claire. I’m a respiratory nurse. You can play your part to enable us to play ours. Please, stay at home.”

“I’m Julianne, a respiratory consultant. We all have a choice. If you choose to stay at home, you will save lives. Please, stay at home.”

“I’m Suzy. I’m a respiratory consultant and I’ve been a doctor for 35 years. We’re facing our greatest challenge and we’re frightened. Please, help us. Stay at home.”

“I’m Siobhan. I’m a respiratory physiotherapist. I know where my kids are, where are your kids? Keep them at home. Stay at home.”

After listening to this powerful message, how can you not stay at home? So, help these doctors in saving lives and stay safe and home!

Updated March 25, 2020
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