How to Celebrate Halloween Following COVID-SOPs?

  • POSTED ON: 17/Oct/2020

We are all ready to celebrate “Hallow-tine” (Halloween+Quarantine)!

You can’t fully realize the value of something until it’s no more - (Let Her Go, Passenger)

That’s the 2020 catchphrase, right there! Among all things you have compromised this summer, including sunbathing at the beach, attending concerts, slumber parties, visiting bars, and whatnot, it is only natural that we have to compromise on the usual Halloween fun as well.

When Coronavius is already out there preying on the weakest, it’s just not safe enough to crowd into a packed haunted house and scream your lungs out, right?

And the same applies to crowded outdoor parties… Basically, you will be potentially risking yourself and your loved ones while being in crowded places.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently released precautionary guidelines for Halloween during the pandemic. They have strongly emphasized that families should AVOID indulging in the following high-risk activities:

       Door-to-door trick-or-treating

       Trunk-or-treat events with treats handed out to large groups from the trunks of cars

       Indoor costume parties and haunted houses

       Hayrides and tractor rides with people not in your household

       Attending fall festivals that draw large crowds

But, fret not! You can still have fun while maintaining and adopting the necessary precautions. Here’s how:

Go big with DIY Halloween decoration at home


What if you can’t go to the party, you can still have one at home! With some cool decorations and scoopy props, your at-home party will be more lit than the black flame candle, believe me!

Host a Halloween scary movie night

Source: Jessica Harper

Movie nights are always fun with friends and family. You can keep your gathering limited and still host the best spooky movie night ever!

Collaborate with your neighbors and create individual treat bags

Source: The conversation

For a safer alternative to trick-or-treats, you can team up with your neighbors and create individual bags of candies to exchange with the kids without going door-to-door for collecting candies.

Bust out the pinata

Source: Pinterest

Another safer alternative for treating your kids with candies and have fun all together is to burst out the pinata. Make a pinata and fill it with a lot of wrapped treats. Then, hand it outside in the backyard and let your kids take turns trying to burst it open.

Design scary masks

Source: Prevention

If wearing a mask is a requirement, make it look fun! You can find a variety of Halloween-themed masks on Amazon that will definitely give you the spooky-fest feels while ensuring your safety!

Happy Safe Halloween!

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