How to Get Annoying Relatives to Stay at A Hotel This Christmas

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  • POSTED ON: December 23, 2020

Did you somehow, unwillingly, volunteer to
host this year’s Christmas dinner at your new place and have decided to stay with family?  Maybe it was grandma who
volunteered for you and now you can’t get out of it because you’re just so
nice for all relatives annoying over Christmas even though you wish you send them one of these cards as you can’t stand them.

You tell yourself that one night of family Christmas festivities in your
newly renovated home might not be such a bad thing, but then you receive a call
from the one uncle you can’t stand.

Now you have no doubt that the one festive
night will turn into two, maybe three, or could even last a week.

You can’t simply tell them no
because…well…grandma, but what you can
do is create circumstances that’ll force your uncle and his family to stay in a
hotel this Christmas. Here’s how you can do that successfully:

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Don’t Invite Them

This is how it’s going to play out. You’ll
receive a call from grandma, she’ll butter you up with some sweet talk, and
then she’ll say, “Here darling, your uncle wants to talk to you.” That will be
your sign to abort the call.

If you manage to do that, great, but chances are
you’ll get another call in a few hours so it’s better to rip the band-aid off
when you can.

When your uncle invites himself to stay at
your place, don’t say yes at any cost. Take that opportunity to tell them politely
yet assertively that you’re sorry but no or may be you’re busy making your neighbours jealous.

Assign Chores

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When your uncle informs you that he and his
family will be staying at your house for Christmas, let him know that they’ll
have to contribute to do the daily chores.

Trust us, nobody wants to go to
someone else’s place just to be put to work, so your uncle might be forced to
consider living at a hotel since he won’t have to lift a finger there.

However, if this doesn’t work and they end
up coming to your house, make sure you insist them to help you out. Ask him to
walk your dog, his daughter to do the vacuuming, and his son to take out the
trash. This will make them pack up their bag and leave.

Make the Christmas Eve one of the biggest failures for them.

Charge Them

Uncle might be planning to stay at your
house to save some cash. If he chooses to stay at a hotel, he’ll have to pay
for the accommodation and the food, all of which he can get at your house for
free. If he’s thinking so selfishly, why can’t you?

It’s time to get aggressive, tell him that he’ll
be expected to share the load of groceries if you’ll be feeding him and his
clan; it’s only fair that he pays for at least half of it. But do not treat your Plus+ like that on Christmas as he/she deserves better!

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Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

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What, your uncle doesn’t mind paying you to
stay at your place? Well, that’s unexpected, maybe he just loves your company?
Yeah no, now it’s time for plan D and bring in cousin Sam especially if you are already dealing with a breakup over holidays.

Who’s cousin Sam? A
relative of yours uncle owes a load of money to. Tell him that Sam will be
joining you guys for Christmas and he asked for a place to stay before him. Need
we say more?

Offer to Pay for A Hotel

If nothing else works, you’ll have no
choice but to go to your last resort, which is offering to pay for a hotel.

everyone has the budget to do this but if you do, this can help you get out of living
with annoying relatives. We think it’s a small compromise to make to protect
your house from becoming a nest for unwanted guests on Christmas with the most unexpected activities.

Don’t Be So Nice

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Saying no can be one of the most difficult
things to do, but you should know that being nice and letting someone walk all
over you are two completely different things.

Don’t get us wrong, you should
entertain your guest as it’s good hosting etiquette, but make sure they know
you don’t want them to cozy up at your house without respecting your personal

Dealing with annoying relatives over
Christmas can cause stress that you don’t need during the holiday season. You
already have to prepare meals for the grand dinner and decorate your house;
having prying eyes and talking mouth around won’t be much of a help. One of
these tricks should work to help you get rid of these unwanted guests from your

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Updated December 23, 2020
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