How to stop jinxing the year 2021

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  • POSTED ON: December 26, 2020

Stop bad luck| Stop jinxing in 2021|

Just when the world found solace in the fact that 2020 is
finally ending along with all
miseries, coronavirus decided to go “New Year, New Me,” evolving into a
new variant to wreak havoc in the world!

A new year is upon us, and we definitely don’t want to jinx
it, as we did to the year 2020

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Remember how naïve and optimistic we were at the New Year’s
Eve as 2019 rolled into a new decade? In early January, we were
all excited about the big movie releases, we
were planning to pre-order tickets to see A
Quite Place 2
in theatres (what was the last movie you watched in theatres?
Oh wait, do you even remember theatres?)
, we were so excited to attend award shows,
sports event
s, and
parties in person, there are people who had a whole trip planned out for summer

But none of that happened, as the pandemic sabotaged the entire year in the
worst way possible
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Who would have thought that schools would be shut down for a whole year? Or face
become a crucial commodity for survival instead of a fashion statement? Or
alien applications like Zoom and Google Meet would become a primary source of

Look, we
know some of you don’t believe in “evil eye” or “jinxing,” but in view of
current situations, we all have plenty of reasons to be extra cautious for the
upcoming year.

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Well, we have witnessed far worse than we could expect in a
year, now we’re hoping for a calmer and the most boring year as possible!

But hey, don’t say it out loud! There’s a fair chance that
you may jinx it

Regardless of how confident you are for a better year, don’t you dare, under any situation, jinx 2021! We don’t care whether or not you believe in this ancient
superstition, but we can’t afford to take any risks this time and are excited about these.

We’re not encouraging any superstitious beliefs, but it’s
better to play safe than to suffer all year!

So, with that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of things that
could jinx the upcoming year of 2021:

saying, “I don’t want to jinx anything, but….”

Yes, we can understand your pure intentions, but it’s better
to remain silent than to speak out all the good things you expect from 2021 and
jinx it in the process.

overthink about the things that could go wrong….

Alien invasion? Zombie apocalypse? What more could go wrong?
We’ve already experience
d far worse than we could expect…  so, take a
chill pill and stop jinxing 2021!

Say NO
to “this will be my year” bullshit!

Let’s face it: after every bad year, we hope that the next
year would be better! It feels like just yesterday when we were cursing 2016
for being so BAD, so we started assuming that 2017 would be better! But 2017 wa
shed away all our hopes, so did 2018 and
2019… In the New Year’s Eve of 2019, we shouted our lungs out with pure
determination and strong hopes, “YES, WE MAY HAVE BEEN TIRED! BUT IT’S OKAY!
2020 WILL DEFINITELY BE A YEAR WE ALL HAVE DESIRED! And look, here we are now….
stuck in the endless loop of terrible years!

The only way to break through this is to avoid declaring
that the upcoming year will be better and just go with the flow! 

say, “no matter what, 2021 will be the best year!” just one last time!

We humans tend to find hope in every bad situation, and
that’s good, by all means
. In
fact, we should cling to whatever hope we can possible get in order to survive
through tough times. But it doesn’t mean t
hat we get over optimistic about it!

There’s nothing wrong in believing that 2021 will end the suffering, but it’s
better to wait and see how things turn out before you say anything and jinx it

So, let’s pledge to ourselves to never utter these forbidden words “2021
will be a go*od ye*ar” and if you find someone else jinxing 2021, you have all
the right to do this:

As we move on to 2021, we first need to reflect on how brave
and strong we have been through the course of this year. TBH, 2020 treated us
like a true bitch! These last 12 months have been loaded with immense fear,
tragedy and emotions…

But the bottom line is, we got through it like a champion and sing along these lines!

And for the sake of collective well-being, don’t – we
repeat, DO NO
T– jinx
the year by saying that it will be a better year!

And to play even safer, we would recommend you to not
even wish someone ‘H*ppy N*w Year!

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Updated December 26, 2020
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