IKEA made blanket fort instructions for kids

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: May 19, 2020

Who doesn’t enjoy assembling IKEA products? IKEA Russia has blanket fort guidelines for the entire family.

Assembly needs no special tools but basic household items that are staples of blanket fort history. Since we’re talking about IKEA, no blanket fort would simply be a “blanket fort.” There are guidelines for six architectural variations namely Castle, Cave, Camping tent, Fortress, House, and Wigwam.

Source: Mashable

The co-creator of this initiative told Dezeen that, “#StayHome was a general slogan of this spring. Self-isolation and quarantine measures are ongoing. Parents no longer know how else they can entertain their children being stuck inside the four walls.” 

Updated May 19, 2020
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