Instagram Influencer Made £1m At 15 Just Before A Fatal Crash

  • POSTED ON: June 25, 2020

Anastasia Zubrina, also known as Tropitsel, became a blogger at the age of 12 and earned her first £1m at 15.

She was not only an inspiration to the young teenagers who’re overworked and trying to find their passions in life, but also to the blogging community as she became such a great success story quite early in her career.

She always used her platform to inspire and motivate her followers. She pushed them to be courageous and take giant leaps of faith by doing what scares them the most. She persuaded her followers to start freelancing as she believed that this was the future.

Due to the pandemic, she had been staying in Bali after a lockdown trip she took to the island to boost her Instagram following. There’s no denying that she always had a patchy relationship with her father who is a doctor by profession. It’s sad to know that she didn’t have his support during her last days.

He criticized her because he felt that all she does is party and drink and he feared that this will negatively influence not only her personal journey but also the professional career.

Source: The Mirror

But everything was destined to end, too soon!

She was filming herself in the sunset before she met an unfortunate fatal crash. Major head injuries were reported along with significant internal damages. She had recently purchased the new Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorbike after which her rifts with her father became public.
Before her untimely death, her father warned her that her business is collapsing. He further said that her team was having fun at her expense. He feared that she was not finishing her projects and that her attention was diverted. He didn’t want to project his fears and force her away from him. He told her that his observations will sting at first but it’s for her betterment.

However, it’s also not justified to be so hard on her, considering how young she was.

In Bali, she was staying with her 30-year old boyfriend, which was possibly another reason why he was so concerned about her. Some sources reveal that he said, “If it wasn’t for your mother, you would have been left without your pants long ago” to during one of their heated arguments which really upset her.

Her father also suggested that her boyfriend constantly pulls her down and that she better get her focus back or she’ll lose everything.
Obviously, any daughter would be disappointed and enraged if her own father says such things. She felt betrayed and emotionally abandoned because she couldn’t believe that her own father was accusing her of such cruel acts.

In her blogs, she always urged her followers to overcome their fears and fight whatever comes in their way.
After Anastasia died, her boyfriend from Ukraine posted: “My beloved girl is not with us. Please, my friends, say your last farewell to her with your good thoughts and meditations. It is very important. (Anastasia) was moving at a speed of 80-100 kilometers per hour along a major road, where everybody goes at such a speed. She always rode very safely and accurately. Then her bike started wobbling.”

Indeed, life is unfair and uncertain because just moments before her death, she had shared a beautiful video of a sunset in Bali on her Instagram story.

Updated June 25, 2020
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