Is Kim Jong Un In coma?

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  • POSTED ON: August 26, 2020

Dead, alive, dead again, and now in coma… North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un’s hide and seek with life continues…

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A diplomat from South Korea is suspecting that leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, might be in coma thus, Kim Yo Jong, his sister, is all set to take control over his place.

Chang Song-min, late president of the South Korea, Kim Dae-jung’s former aide, made the startling claims to the media of South Korea.

Chang claimed that KIm is indeed in a coma nonetheless he is still alive.

Since a thorough succession structure is not yet formed, therefore, Kim Yo-jong has stepped up as we cannot maintain the vacuum for long.

Chang’s claims came right after South Korea’s intelligence said that the 36-year-old leader of North had tuned over parts of his power to only close aides, counting his younger sister.

In a confidential meeting with policymakers last week, the National Intelligence Service of South Korea said that the Workers’ Party Central Committee’s first vice department director, Kim Yo-jong, is handling all the state affairs related to delegation, however, Kim still holds complete authority.

However, there are still doubts about the legitimacy of the diplomat’s claims. Given that it’s not the first time that prolonged absence of the Kim from the spotlight has sparked rumors for his alleged health problems.

Kim had only a few public appearances this year as rumors spread about him fighting for life in April because of the heart operation.

Updated August 26, 2020
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