Italian Obituary Pages Exibit the Rising Dead From Pandemic

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  • POSTED ON: March 16, 2020

Source: Daily Mail UK

In Italy, 368 new deaths were reported from the coronavirus pandemic. This took the total death toll of the country to 1,809, making the sudden jump unbelievably chilling. Around 24,747 people have already tested positive in the country, leading to complete lockdown.

The shocking news shows the obituary of one local newspaper increase from one page to ten pages! 

In this video, a man speaking in Italian shows the obituary section of L’Eco di Bergamo, a local newspaper.

He first pointed toward the date, February 9, after which he revealed a page where death notices were published. That day, Italy had only verified three cases of coronavirus.

After this, he showed the same newspaper, but a different edition. This time, the date was March 13, and the death rate had skyrocketed to 1,266. The infected patients were counted to be 17,600. Slowly, he flipped through the pages and highlighted how the obituaries had extended to ten pages! He essentially wanted to show the horrific impact of this deadly virus.

Since the morgues in local hospitals are full, dead bodies are now being transferred to churches. An official spokesperson has asserted that a funeral is being conducted every half an hour. 

Source: Daily Mail 

“We are facing an emergency there is no doubt in that. We are having a burial every half an hour. We had 18 on Saturday, 44 over Sunday and Monday, 33 on Tuesday and 51 on Wednesday. We’ve had to close Bergamo cemetery for the time being to cope. We are using churches as temporary mortuaries. I have to thank my staff for what they are doing in the face of this tragedy. Certainly, we never imagined having to deal with an emergency on this level.” – Says Giacomo Angeloni, in charge of cemeteries in Bergamo. 

Europe has become the epicenter of this pandemic. Milan, the northern region of Lombardy, is deeply suffering from this crisis. The number of patients has increased significantly, and unexpectedly, because many people aren’t maintaining their social presence, despite the nationwide lockdown. Hence, the sudden increase in the mortality rate is the direct result of irresponsible behavior. 

The Telegraph newspaper has reported that the victims of COVID-19 have access to intensive therapy if they’re below the age of 80 or if they score less than five on the Charlson Comorbidity Index.

A doctor even said that “Who lives and who dies is decided by age and by the patient’s health conditions. This is how it is in a war.”

It’s a sad state of affairs, really!

Updated March 16, 2020
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