It’s Barack Obama’s Birthday and this is how Michele Obama wished him

  • POSTED ON: 05/Aug/2020

Michelle has a sweet message for her most favorite guy in the world.

On Tuesday, it was Obama’s 59th birthday and so Michele felt it was well-suited to share a blast from the past. She posted a photo of an old family vacation with their daughter Sasha and Malia along with an endearing caption: "Happy birthday to my favorite guy. Here's to all the good days, blue skies, and new adventures to come." She also added a kissing emoji at the of the birthday wish.

Other Obama fans and celebrities took out time from their daily lives to wish their favorite president on social media. Hence, actors like Mia Farrow and Kevin Johnson shared their good wishes. Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg joined the bandwagon by wishing Obama on his birthday and adding that he’s the man who "continues to remind America what true presidential leadership looks like."

Barack Obama was the first guest on Michelle’s new podcast last Wednesday. They both spoke candidly about their daughters and their aspirations. They both agreed that they want their daughters to live in a country that respects individuality and views everyone equally – especially as women.

Michelle spoke about the current political climate and how it demotivates the young population. She advised everyone to keep a firm hold on hope and not give much significance to whether or not their vote counts because it’s important to make even one vote count.

Mr. Obama then made a valid point and pointed out the actual problem that’s cultivating into a fear. He said that the real danger associated with today's generation is that they are way too deeply cynical in government without understanding that every government is ours and we must make decision collaboratively.

Michelle’s new podcast is about women and for the women as she goes on to discuss some relevant and essential, and even uncomfortable topics. It’s set to be a nine-episode series and will have other speakers like Conan O’Brien and Valerie Jarrett.

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