Ivanka Trump Bashes Unemployed Americans And Ask Them To Find Something New

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  • POSTED ON: July 15, 2020

Like father, like daughter!

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The first daughter, heiress, white house advisor, and a person who has spent her entire adult life handling her father’s business- Ivanka Trump has been a subject of online trolling for quite often, all credit goes to her often misleading and misinformed tweets!

Whether it’s about misquoting Albert Einstein or awkwardly glorifying the struggles experienced by underprivileged migrant workers in India as a “beautiful feat’, Ivanka Trump is usually responsible for triggering online outrage and trends on Twitter. 

Well, she is back in action again! This time she has suggested unemployed Americans to “learn something new” as the country is going through the worst ever unemployment rate since the Great Depression of the 1920s. 

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump launched a national ad campaign “Find something New” supported by the White House. The campaign aims to highlight alternative ways to initiate a career, targeting students, fresh graduates, mid-career workers and the millions of jobless people affected by the economic downturn in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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“This initiative is about challenging the idea that the traditional 2 and 4 yr. college is the only option to acquire the skills needed to secure a job,” Ivanka herself wrote on Twitter. “This work has never been more urgent.”

The campaign was quickly bashed and heavily criticized for its inappropriate timing and insensitivity. 

Of course, the Trump administration would want Americans to learn something new in the midst of coronavirus chaos when the country is already shut down, unpaid bills are piling up, and most businesses are going bankrupt. 

How can someone learn something new when more than 135,000 Americans lost their lives due to COVID-19 and the new virus cases keep on surging every week.

The Trump administration has been advocating skills-based job and vocational training as a substitute for two or four-year program degrees, suggesting that everyone can’t afford to go college and that a degree doesn’t matter for many jobs.

The campaign triggered nationwide online outrage, including Democrats fiercely criticizing the Trump administration who called out Ivanka Trump for pulling Antoinette. 

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable 

“Find something new” campaign gives a serious let them eat cake vibes to many people. The phrase often attributed to Queen of France, Marie Antoinette at the time of the French revolution when her citizens were dying of hunger. While there’s no clear evidence if the Queen actually said that, Invanka’s Tweet is out there and giving us the same sentiment.

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Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable 

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable 

Looks like she can’t get away with this one!

Updated July 15, 2020
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