K2 – Three Howling Stories That Will Be Remembered Forever!

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K2 – the world’s second tallest mountain – is
known as the most savage mountain in the world. In fact, some mountaineers have
claimed that it’s even more perilous than Mount Everest, Nanga Parbat, kangchenjunga and others!


Last month, one group managed to scale it
during winters, braving the chilly air and scary temperatures of the world’s most
daunting mountain. They made the plunge at minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit – an
almost impossible feat!


A few days ago, rescuers and mountain climbers
weighed the dangers of climbing the monster in winters after three climbers
went missing on Friday – they’re still hoping to find them alive.


The missing climbers include a 45 year old
Muhammad Ali Sadpara from Pakistan, a 47 year old John Snorri from Iceland, and
a 33 year old Juan Pablo from Chile.


The search operation is expected to continue
this week after a brief interruption caused by poor visibility. Unfortunately,
family members and officials have little to no hope of finding them alive.


“There is no hope for anyone to survive at
8,000 meters after three days. Now the search operation should continue to
recover the bodies.”
– said Sajid Ali
Sadpara, the son of Mr. Sadpara. He was also on the expedition along with the
trio but had to abort mission midway due to a leakage in his oxygen pipe.

is being reported that this was the trio’s second attempt by the K2 climbers at the summit since
December, and they were last seen at a narrow couloirs called Bottleneck – 300
meters below the peak of the mountain.

Where is K2 mountain located?

Well you must have heard a lot about K2 mountain bike. There are some howling stories about K2 mountain deaths, K2 mountain facts, K2 mountain map. There have been several K2 mountain climbers out of which a few lost their lives due to the chilling K2 mountain weather!

is found in the Karakoram Range in northern Pakistan – near the border of
China. Climbers from all over the world have tried to climb this mountain
during the months of November and February, but have always found it to be the
most daunting experience of their lives. In fact, hundreds have already lost
their lives.

2008, 13 mountaineers were climbing the K2 – an expedition that ended in the
world’s most horrifying mountaineering disasters. During this mission, 11
people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen, frostbites, and snow blindness.

month, two climbers lost their lives after falling down the crevasse when they
were scaling nearby the peaks of the K2. On Friday, Atanas Skatov was found
dead by the Pakistani Army Helicopter, who apparently fell at about 7,400
meters. Similarly, a Spanish climber succumbed to death when he fell while
descending the mountain. In the same month, the Russian-American Harvard
professor lost his life as well.

strange thing to observe here is the passion that passes brutal death scares.
Despite knowing the circumstances, climbers continue with their attempts – and
the majority of them meet their fatal end. Last month, the Nepali mountain-climbing
team reached the peak of the K2 Mountain in Asia without any causality – a feat unheard

the Pakistani military helicopters have continued their aerial search to find
the three mountaineers – heroes in their own rights! Not to forget, K2 is one of the 7 highest mountains in the world and is the hardest mountain to climb.

Haidri, who is the official representative of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, has
said that there have been more than 360 successful climbs of K2 since 1954— at
the cost of 86 deaths. The causes of these deaths have been poor weather
conditions, avalanches, and falling off during the descent.

base camp hasn’t received a signal from the trio after they reached 8,000
meters, so it’s not clear whether or not they reached the summit. They went off
the radar on the 5th of February.

has earned several records during his marvelous career of mountain climbing; he
has climbed eight peaks of the world and hoisted the flag of his nation,
Pakistan. He even celebrated his birthday on the K2 base camp on the 2nd
of February before bidding farewell to his loved ones to start the summit.

is being reported that Ali Sadpara climbed Gasherbrum II in 2006, GI in 2010,
Broad Peak Fore in 2021, Broad Peak in 2017, K2 in 2018, and Lhotse Makalu and
Manasalu in 2019. Furthermore, he has climbed Nanga Parbat four times in 2008,
2009, 2016, and 2017.

son reported that his father was climbing the mountain without ample amounts of
oxygen, but he did have an extra pack for emergencies in his backpack. In addition,
they had no satellite phone or radio riding along. He believes that the
accident might have occurred on the descent in the Bottleneck, because that’s
where they lost the signals as well.

only seems to die down in the last few days, as the
mountain has been occupied with snowy winds and the weather has gone down to
minus 60 degrees Celsius. However, these howling stories that will be remember forever
for their endurance and strength.

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What is your take on the three
howling stories – of the golden trio? Will you remember our heroes forever,

Updated February 10, 2021
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