Laura Curran Asks New Yorkers to Avoid Touching Each Other’s Balls

  • POSTED ON: May 19, 2020

Governments all around the world have decided to ease the lockdown despite receiving warnings from the healthcare authorities.

Sports activities have also resumed in the United States and matches are being planned in stadiums and courts without any spectators.

Long Island New York is also opening tennis courts for its citizens and Nassau County Executive Laura Curran warned people to maintain social distancing and avoid teaching each other’s balls. She was obviously talking about tennis balls.

She kept a straight face as she advised the players to not come in contact with balls of unknown origin. “You can kick their balls, but you can’t touch them,” Curran said to a giggling crowd.

Her act broke as she laughed a little while asking the crowd to mark their balls so that they do not mix with other balls.

“To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose, you can use a marker, like a Sharpie, to mark out an X or to put someone’s initials on them
,” Curran continued.

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Updated May 19, 2020
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