Man Claims To Have A Sexual Relationship With Becki Falwell With Husband’s Consent

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  • POSTED ON: August 26, 2020

This is serious…!

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Soon after Liberty University declared the terms of President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s unspecified, paid leave of absence, the new unsettling information about him and Becki, his wife, started doing rounds in the media that forced Falwell to resign from his duties.

On Monday, an interview was published by Reuters, with Giancarlo Granda, who claims to have a years-long sexual-relationship with Jerry’s wife with the consent of Falwell!

He said that their secret sexual-relationship was carried on about a year.

Granda claimed that in March 2012, he first time met the couple and was working as the pool attendant for the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.

While Jerry looked on, Granda indulged in sexual activities with the first lady of the Liberty University, Becki, that same month and continued till 2018.

Granda claims that they had similar sexual encounters dozens of times within a year at multiple locations such as hotels in New York and Miami or even at the Falwell’s residency in the Lynchburg area.

He told that he wasn’t only involved in a sexual relationship with the couple, but was also involved in the business with them.

Granda was appointed as the manager of a youth hostel in Miami Beach when they jointly purchased the place in 2013. According to Rueter’s article, he owned some stakes in that venture.

Falwell released a statement that the blackmail led to his decision of resignation. He wrote that the man started threatening him for revealing his secret relationship with Becki. He meant to embarrass my family, wife and Liberty University until we pay him some substantial monies.

Though, he didn’t mention that the blackmailer was Granda. At the same time, Granda also denied blackmailing Falwell, saying that he was in talks with the couple to negotiate a deal regarding a business buyout.

Updated August 26, 2020
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