Man Released From Coronavirus Quarantine Can’t Stop Coughing During Fox News Interview

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  • POSTED ON: February 29, 2020

Source: Daily Mail

Frank Wucinski and his three-year-old daughter Annabelle were evacuated from Wuhan – the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic in China. Upon arrival to San Diego, both were isolated and made to go through several aggressive tests to estimate whether or not they got the virus. After spending 14 days in the quarantine, it was discovered that both Frank and Annabelle tested negative. His wife had to stay back as her father was tested positive for coronavirus. After that, he died, and the wife got pneumonia.

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Frank and Annabelle, who were released from the quarantine on 20th February, appeared on an interview with FOX news. However, the odd thing that caught everybody’s attention was the fact that he was coughing throughout. Due to this reason, there were times when he couldn’t speak clearly. In fact, one time, he even grabbed the water bottle from his daughter.

Although Frank suggested that his coughs were caused by ‘nerves’ as he was giving a live interview for the first time, the excuse seemed invalid considering the effects of coronavirus.

Frank and his family has spent almost 15 years in China, where they mostly resided in Wuhan. In his interview, he mentioned, “I mean, I know just from my experience being in Wuhan when it all first started it was scary. You just didn’t know what was happening and what was going on.”

He continued saying, “I think as time goes forward, hopefully, doctors and scientists will get a better handle on the whole situation.”

It was painful to watch him as he kept fighting the coughs throughout the interview.

He later added, “Fortunately, from what I understand, it is contagious, but the death rate is pretty low.”

Updated February 29, 2020
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