Melania Trump Reveals The Most Controversial White House Christmas Decoration Ever!

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  • POSTED ON: December 1, 2020

Melania Trump reveals White House decoration!

So, it’s that time of the year again when Melania Trump has to give some f*cks for the Christmas Decorations

It’s not me saying; it’s actually how Melania Trump
describes Christmas Decoration in her own wordings…

“I’m working…. My a** off on the Christmas stuff that
you know, who gives a f*ck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I
need to do it, right?” said the first lady during a conversation with a senior
White House advisor who leaked the tapes online.

The tradition involving the first lady overseeing holiday
decorations has been carried out since 1961 when Jacqueline Kennedy decorated a
Christmas tree with ornaments from the “Nutcracker Suite.”

Well, this is the last time Melania Trump has to put up with
this tradition and decorate the White House for Christmas before the Bidens
take control of the sleigh!

That means it’s hopefully the last time we’re going to see a
bizarre, cheesy video of Melania forcefully walking through the newly decorated
halls of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue… and probably the last time she’s going to
give f*cks to the Christmas stuff.

In a video uploaded on Twitter on Monday, Melania Trump
unveiled this year’s theme, “America the Beautiful,” reflecting it with green
trees decorated with red, gold and silver ornaments, shining white fairy lights
and classic-looking floral arrangements. This style looks so traditional and
cliché that it could be a set of Netflix’s next holiday-themed movie!

We gotta admit this; she played it safe this year! The unique
(more like daring) aesthetics choices that sparked so much criticism and memes
in Melania Trump’s last White House Christmas are noticeably absent. Remember
those blood trees in 2018? Those blooded red cone trees in the halls looked
like they have been plucked straight outta The
. Some publications even called it “creepy”, “worst Christmas
decoration” and “deeply haunted.”


And let’s not forget those dark, icy branches of 2017’s
Christmas decoration that transformed East Colonnade into a spooky and abandoned
landscape. In 2017, she chose to line the walls with massive bunches of white
twigs. Though it looked quite gorgeous during the daylight, at night, those
trees were nothing less than a nightmare before Christmas. 

Surprisingly, this year’s Christmas decoration conflicted
with her inner “who gives a f**k about the Christmas stuff” spirit. I mean, she
did her best to play safe as she could!

And honestly, we all were hoping that Melania would use this
final unveiling to express her true self with her bold aesthetic choices like
fully black decor or perhaps something bloody and or something like a hideous
leg lamp from Christmas Story, but
no! She played it safe…

Memesters can’t meme this theme, for sure! And that’s what
we’re going to miss about her the most- no Melania in the White House, no memes…

Melania’s 2020 decorations feature a toy train, which she
called the “White House Express,” placed on a center table. Don’t be surprised!

Trees are decorated with ornaments dedicated to children across
the country, such as Maryland, Michigan and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Other decoration heralded “pioneers for gender quality,” as
to how the first lady describes it.

Reflecting on a 2020 sentiment, the first lady attempts to
keep things emotional with the Christmas decoration, which is quite wonderful…
the 2018’s blood-red trees in halls have now been replaced by large plants in
black pots. It’s sort of depressing and not very jingly if you ask me, but as
long as it doesn’t give us the horror movie vibes, it’s fine!

It feels deeply insulting seeing how Melania has
incorporated a COVID-19 themed shiny, fake snow-covered hospital decoration
considering how her husband’s reckless attitude toward coronavirus has cost the
lives of over 265,000 Americans. She also decorated it with ornaments of a
garbage truck, a nurse’s hat and a lab coat, aimed to pay tribute to the
frontline workers in the pandemic.

So far, Mrs. Trump has received commendable reviews for her
final Christmas decoration at the White House:

People praised Melania for incorporating an ornament
featuring a portrait of President John F. Kennedy and sailboats on a tree in
Vermeil Room. Another tree in the library dedicated to the 100th
anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to
vote for the first time. She has surely given significant thought and detail to
the Americana decorations.

Another publication wrote, “Ms. Trump and an army of
volunteers put together a warmer less edgy display that runs throughout the
Executive Mansion.

All in all, Melania sucking her hatred up and decorating the
White House one last time without becoming a meme deserves the slightest bit of
our appreciation. What do you think?

But if you’re still missing some fun memes on our EX First Lady, check this out!


Updated December 1, 2020
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