Miami Beach Uses Geo-Targeting On Social Media to Warn Spring Breakers about Pandemic Rules

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: March 3, 2021

Miami Beach was pretty calm on Tuesday, and that’s all because the party hasn’t
arrived yet. It is being reported that the students will most likely be
arriving soon and the Spring Break will end on April 12.

year is obviously going to be different, and apparently, the city is making use
of the geo-targeting feature on social media to warn tourists regarding the
regulations implemented this year. They’ll be warned regarding alcohol
consumption, social distancing, and even noise regulation. In addition, there
will be a curfew from midnight till 6 a.m.

message that is being used in the main marketing is straightforward and crisp.
It reads: “The Message is Clear, Vacation Responsibly or Be Arrested.”

Aguila – the City Manager – has given a serious warning prior to the Spring
Break. He said that he wouldn’t approve of anything wild or party-like. The
city will have zero-tolerance in regards to illegal drug use, street fights,
and anything party-like.

even gave a suggestion and said that if people are coming to the city expecting
a party, change the flight reservations while you have time and go to Vegas

seems like the officials of Miami are not interested in hosting yet another
year of Spring Break. Beach Mayor, Dan Gelber has, in fact, gone on record to
say that he wants to completely get rid of the entertainment district. They
have tightened the police presence in areas nearby Ocean Drive and Collins and
also the Washington Avenues residing between the Fifth and 16th
Streets. They’ll even be deploying few Goodwill Ambassadors on the weekends.

of the package liquor sales will be ceased in the city after 10 p.m.; the sales
in this particular area will be ceased only after 8 p.m. The parking garages
will only have 50% of the capacity and the charges will be $20 per entrance and
exit. The on-street parking will not be available in the areas near Collins

rules and regulations include prohibition of alcohol– at least on the public
beaches. Moreover, there are a few things that have been banned by the
government like inflatable devices, tents, tables, coolers, and similar
belongings. It has also come to our notice that police officers have begun
working with the US Coast Guard and they’re finding illegal boat charters as
well as party boats.

also been informed that the restaurants present on the sidewalks will close
down by midnight. They’re prohibited from playing loud music on the west side
of the Ocean Drive from the ninth till the 11th Street.

might even find severe difficulty as restrictions will be opposed till the
residential area nearby. To alert the officers, license plate readers will also
be in charge. Cruising around the South of Fifth Street (SOFI) is also
discouraged, and only some access is given on the Alton Road as well as the
Washington Avenue. Strict rules are applied to the 72nd Street as
well to warn Spring Breakers!

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Updated March 3, 2021
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