Millie Bobby Brown Posted about the Media’s Sexualization of Her, and It’s So Important

  • AUTHOR: fiona
  • POSTED ON: February 21, 2020

Source: The Star Online 

Millie Bobby Brown became an overnight star in Hollywood with her award-winning show Stranger Things. She’s been in the limelight ever since. From the clothes she wears to the boys she dates, every move of her is watched and scrutinized. In the last four years, she has in fact become a household name.

Unfortunately, when you hit fame at such a tender age, your mental health gets affected. Due to cyber-bullying, tabloid scrutiny, and hypersexualization, it is safe to admit that she’s been exposed to the dark side of fame from an early age.

On her 16th birthday, the young actor has decided to forth with her struggles in an Instagram video.

The video covers a collection of headlines that media outlets have used over the past four years.

The video included an enlightening and much-needed caption by the young star.

“16 has felt like a long time coming. I feel like change needs to happen for not only this generation but the next. Our world needs kindness and support in order for us children to grow and succeed. The last few years haven’t been easy, I’ll admit that. There are moments I get frustrated from the inaccuracy, inappropriate comments, sexualization, and unnecessary insults that ultimately have resulted in pain and insecurity for me. But not ever will I be defeated. I’ll continue doing what I love and spreading the message in order to make change.”

She continued. “Let’s focus on what needs changing and I hope this video informs you on the things that go on behind the scenes of the headlines and flashing lights.”

Millie quickly received thunderous support and love from fellow artists.

Updated February 21, 2020
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