Moderna | Covid-19 Vaccine Responsible for Several Side-Effects

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  • POSTED ON: April 9, 2021

The rumors are true: people
getting Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are getting more side-effects than the ones
getting Pfizer and BioNTech shots. A study was conducted by Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention program, through a program that tracks the side effects
in vaccine recipients.

Basically, in this survey,
people who are enrolled were asked to fill out surveys and report back any
symptom(s) that they might be feeling one week after receiving the dosage. The
symptoms include fatigue, arm pain, etc.

A grand total of 3,600,000
people got their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine before February 21st
and they all checked in at least once. And do you know what’s shocking to hear?
Out of this lot, approximately 70 percent of the people complained of having a
reaction on site. Like, they suffered from swelling or chills and some even
spoke about regular pains.

When you compare the results,
65 percent of people who received Pfizer and BioNTech dosage got reactions,
too.  But people who received Moderna
complained of having full-body symptoms, and they said that it got pretty
serious in terms of the intensity.

The gap expanded after the
second dose, as 1.4 million people checked-in this time and the reports
increased up to 82 percent. Now these people complained about side-effects on
site. Interestingly, people of age 65 and above didn’t experience as many
side-effects as compared to people below that age bracket.

The study, however, didn’t
include how severe the symptoms got. Hence, we’re unsure as to which vaccine
causes more disruptive effects. Furthermore, people who’re utilizing v-safe may
not be able to represent people getting shots. The results might be slightly
different, as only 10 percent of people signed up for this program after
getting vaccinated.

They did manage to find a
pattern in the clinical trials, though, including what the common side-effects
were and the frequency of those side-effects. This trial helped researchers
establish what the side-effects look like on people after receiving the first

What are the common symptoms of
COVID-19? Do you know that besides getting a cold and cough, you might even get
strange skin reactions? A study has revealed that patients suffering from
COVID-19 might even get measles like rashes and shingles, which are a bit rare.

In fact, 414 cases were found
to get delayed skin reactions – the rash became itchy and irritating as
reported to health care professionals. These cases were studied in December and
February. Of course, no one has experienced life-threatening reactions so far –
it’s simply restricted to full-body rash.

can get full-body rashes, and that can be surprising and a little scary, but
these patients did extremely well, recovered and were able to go back and get
their second dose. For people whose rashes started four or more hours after
getting the vaccine, zero percent of them went on to get anaphylaxis or any
other serious reaction. Zero is a nice number.”
– said
Freeman, the Director of Global Health Dermatology at Massachusetts General

The delayed skin reactions that
were identified in the study appeared seven to eight days after receiving the
dosage. Everyone gets different reactions – some get rashes that are more
severe in nature, meanwhile others get rashes that aren’t immediate and

can feel reassured about getting the second dose of their vaccine. Even if you
have a pretty impressive rash after the vaccine, as long as it didn’t start
within four hours of vaccination you should feel comfortable getting the second

Anyway, like you can see, skin
rashes and allergies are elevating due to Moderna and it’s kind of alarming.
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Updated April 9, 2021
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