Most Shocking Moments In 2020

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  • POSTED ON: December 18, 2020

Most shocking moments of 2020!

The year 2020 has been
nothing short of bizarre – and we’re not only talking about the unprecedented
pandemic. In fact, if you managed to keep track of the biggest events that
happened this year, we’d give you an award (no really, all you have to do is
like our Facebook page).

If you’ve followed
news, you’d agree with us when we say that 2020 has been a hard pill to
swallow. We’ve witnessed some of the most tragic deaths and losses, and the
misery has forced us to sit down and contemplate all of the things that we’ve
done so far in our lives. It made us realize how privileged we’ve been, and how
despite everything, our survival instincts shine when we least expect it.

Since we’re here to discuss the most shocking moments
of 2020, we must include shocking incidents from sports, politics, and
entertainment. The most shocking and surprising this year has to include the
Black Lives Matter movement. However, we’ll not touch upon the shocking Reality
TV moments of 2020 – the most shocking reality TV moments are for another day.

Okay let’s get down to
business without spending our energies here building the introduction.
Following are the most shocking moments of 2020!

Also, here are the most heartbreaking moments of 2020 that will surely make you cry!

Announcement of Floyd Mayweather vs.
Logan Paul

Let’s start off the
list with the most ridiculous announcement of the year – Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan
Paul! The undefeated champion made a shocking announcement this year and that
was of his match with a YouTube star Logan Paul. Both participants engaged in a
war of words on their respective twitter accounts.

Of course, Mayweather
is the fan favorite, but really, we’re only wondering why Mayweather would even
accept a challenge from a newcomer like Logan Paul? It’s true that the match
created buzz on social media and it is all set to generate a large amount of
money. But still… WHY? There are other ways, Mayweather.

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Mike Tyson Returned To Boxing

Another shocking
incident of the sports world was the return of boxing legend Mike Tyson. Tyson
went head on with Roy Jones Jr. 15 years after his last professional fight in
an arena. His comeback at the age of 54 came as a shock to everyone, and you
know, it was all worth it. The man literally went head against his opponent in
an eight-round encounter which later ended in a draw. We don’t need to remind
you of his age, right?

Anyway, Tyson continues
to fight, making it clear that it wasn’t a one off match, and Undertaker should
take notice of this. He says that he is fighting for a good cause because he
believes that is his job as a humanitarian.

Kobe Bryant’s Death

The world stood still
the moment TMZ reported the death of Kobe Bryant. The year had only begun but
the landscape of sports entertainment changed forever. The untimely death of
NBA legend Kobe Bryant due to a horrifying helicopter crash was unfortunate to
say the least. People around the world mourned the loss, and it indeed, left
avoid that can never be filled again.

Threat of WWIII – Cold war between USA
& Iran

So, who remembers this
one? If you remember clearly, the month of January was certified as
catastrophic and devastating. We had experienced the death of Kobe Bryant, there
were waves of earth quake everywhere along with a major fire that covered
Australia, and then, we had a major possibility of WWIII hanging over our
heads. It was truly the most intense month, and obviously, we later found out
that it was just a test drive.

Long story short –
Trump was the president and he wanted to see the end of the world. He kept
poking Iran and things got nasty and out of control at one point with strike
ready from both sides. This is when other superpowers of the world intervened
and calmed the situation. But yeah – it was seriously traumatizing.  

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Trump Bans TikTok

Trump has never liked
China. As a businessman, you’d expect him to extend his hands and grab every
opportunity possible to create avenues for American citizens. You would expect
him to have the vision to predict the significance of TikTok in the world
today. But no – He is Donald Trump. And the only thing that you should expect
from him is nuisance.

The man started a trade
war with china, said awful things about the country openly in press
conferences, and blamed the country for the pandemic. Aren’t we glad that he’s
out of the office now, almost?

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Murder of George Floyd & Police

May was truly havoc –
we witnessed the brutal death of an innocent black man by the criminal hands of
white supremacists wearing uniform. This outraged people of color and
minorities and forced them to bring their protest on to the streets. They
voiced their anger towards the establishment and the overall ideology and

This movement gained
momentum not only in the USA but also in other countries like New Zealand and
the UK. And Trump did everything in his power to add fuel to the fire.  

Toilet Paper Panic

Who can forget the
toilet paper manic that resulted due to the lockdown? Those were the days! The
pandemic bought out the worst and best in all of us – and it also showed how
utterly ridiculous we all are. All over the word, there was shortage of toilet
paper! People went nuts during this time as they continued to swipe cartons of
toilet paper at every chance they got. 
It was truly strange because the world was on fire and we had our
priorities straights. 

Btw, NASA will pay you if you have a toilet idea!

A Divisive Series Finale of Supernatural

Enough with the
politics and social vendettas – let’s talk about the most heartbreaking moment
of 2020. The series finale of Supernatural left us in tears of joy and sadness.
Dean gave the ultimate sacrifice and died in the arms of his beloved brother.
But it was bittersweet – the show had to end some way, right?

We’re just glad that
Jensen Ackles has joined the cast of The Boys! Now that will be a great ride.

Return of Patrick Dempsey & TR

And you saw it coming…
Derek Shepard and George O’Malley made a comeback on Grey’s Anatomy after
years, only to put a smile on our face during these difficult times. We greatly
appreciate this gesture and thank Shonda for making this happen.

Trump Got Coronavirus 

Don’t we all just love
ironies? It was truly hilarious when Trump announced that he tested positive.
The man who didn’t believe in the existence of a pandemic, until he absolutely
had to, contracted the virus just weeks before the presidential debate. We
gotta love God’s timing!

These were our
favorite, most shocking, incidents of 2020! What were yours? But don’t worry and enjoy your December Global Holidays with high spirit and don’t forget to elevate your mood with these best MP3s for the holiday season.


Updated December 18, 2020
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