“My Goddaughter Ellie Gianna”, Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant

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  • POSTED ON: January 26, 2021

Bryant posted a lovely photo of her spending quality time with her beautiful
goddaughter on Sunday.

the uploaded photograph, you can see Vanessa looking down at the four-month-old
Elisabet Gianna Gasol. In the caption, she simply wrote “My goddaughter Ellie
Gianna with a heart.”

is the adorable daughter of Pau Gasol and Cat McDonnell.

must know that the name “Gianna” holds immense value and meaning for the Bryant
and Gasol families. It comes as no surprise that Ellie’s middle name “Gianna”
is in honor of the late Gianna Bryant, who died alongside her father in a
destructive helicopter plane crash last year.

Bryant and Gianna Bryant were riding a helicopter with seven other people on the
26th of January last year. It ended up crashing

in Los Angeles,
resulting in an unfortunate and sudden death of the passengers.

day Ellie was born, Vanessa has excitedly posted the picture of her friend’s
newborn. She was overwhelmed to be given the honor of becoming her godmother.

had posted a picture of her daughter right after birth when they were both in
the hospital. Underneath that photograph, Vanessa had chimed in and exclaimed “My goddaughter is here!!! Kob would’ve loved
to be her godfather. Congratulations @paugasol @catmcdonnell7 love you 3 so

had further shown gratitude by thanking them for honoring Gigi. Of course, she
couldn’t wait to hold the baby girl!

Gasol is another NBA player who had the privilege of playing alongside
legendary Kobe Bryant on the Lakers team from 2008-2014. It is well known that
the two shared a strong bond outside the court and the families had a real connection.
In fact, Kobe’s children refer to him as “Uncle Pau”.

actually wonderful to see Pau maintain his friendship even after the tragic
death of Kobe;him and his wife are still very tight with Vanessa and kids. When
Vanessa needed them the most, they stuck by her, and have now also made her the
godmother of their daughter.

can clearly see how much Bryant loves her four-month-old goddaughter. It was
evident in her eyes when she posted a picture of Ellie when she was just born –
holding her in her arms and lovingly looking at her.

course, Ellie’s parents are overjoyed and can’t stop gushing over her ever
since the little bundle of joy entered their life.

Gasol had made a post on Instagram to announce
the birth of their daughter. He said:
Our little one has finally arrived!!The
delivery went really well and we couldn’t be happier!! Elisabet Gianna Gasol, 
a very meaningful name for
our super beautiful daughter!!”

He also added an interesting hashtag of
#girldad – something Kobe was known for.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Gianna
and Kobe’s tragic death. Of course, no one can fill the void left by the
father-daughter duo, but let’s not forget to honor the rest of the passengers
on board. May all of your souls
rest in peace!


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The late Kobe Bryant surely would’ve
been proud to see his widow handle the loss so gracefully. Anyway, don’t you
think that Kobe’s widow has the cutest goddaughter ever?

Updated January 26, 2021
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