New York is Ready for a Socially Distanced Summer

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  • POSTED ON: May 16, 2020

Unfortunately, summer has been canceled by the pandemic. This means that we do not get any refreshing trips to the beaches or to a public pool this year. Instead, you will just have to imagine what it feels like to have a cold beer at a baseball game in July. However, do not be completely hopeless because the state of NewYork is ready to face all the challenges of a sweltering summer.

The temperature of the city has already risen to the 80s in May which means that just like last year, we should be ready for another summer full of scorching heat. To ensure some socially-distanced entertainment, the government has decided to build “non-traditional cooling centers” in auditoriums, sports venues, and other spaces, especially in areas that are facing complete lockdowns. You will also find outdoor “misting oases” in NYC Parks and the Department of Environmental Protection is working to open hydrants for the citizens.

“This is going to be a different summer from any summer we have experienced in the history of New York City,”
de Blasio told reporters on Friday at his daily news briefing. “This is all about protecting New Yorkers and helping them through the summer as comfortable as possible and as safe as possible.”

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Along with this, the city is also investing $55 million in the air conditioners for minimum-wage workers. This program has been specifically set up for the senior citizens and according to officials, around 74,000 air conditions would be distributed in the city. Out of those, 22,000 would be going to NYCHA residents.

However, if you are worried about high electricity bills due to the air conditioning then, Mayor De Blasio has a solution for that too. The state is working to subsidize the utility bills of 450,000 New Yorkers during the summer months.

“For many low-income people, particularly people who have lost their paycheck, this could be a lot of what helps them get through the summer safely,” said de Blasio when asked about the subsidies.

If you were planning to work on your summer beach body, then we would ask you to rethink it. Even though Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday that New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware would be opening beaches by May 22nd for Memorial Day weekend, the choice has been left to the local governments.
Mayor De Blasio said that new social distancing rules mean that opening the beaches “is not in the cards right now”.

Updated May 16, 2020
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