People Who Wear Face masks Are More Intelligent

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  • POSTED ON: July 29, 2020

Do you know that people
who follow the SOPs and maintain social distance have a much-improved memory
capacity? According to the study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, this is a sign of intelligence, and honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Weiwei Zhang is an
associate professor of psychology working at the University of California at Riverside and
he released the following statement regarding the new study. he says that policymakers need to consider everyone’s general cognitive abilities in order to promote compliance behavior like ensuring social distancing or wearing the mask.

Working memory can
simply be defined as the information that is stored in mind for brief moments
– and it’s got a strong association with analytical and comprehension skills.

The researchers of this
study prose that the failure to comply with social distancing policies may have a
strong connection with the limited capacity of people to retain diverse pieces
of information in the compartment of working memory. They also conclude these
people have an increased awareness of the benefits relating to social

This research was
conducted in March and had a total of 850 participants – they were asked to
fill out questionnaires relating to their demographics and social distancing
practices. They were also assessed on their personality traits and cognitive

You may find it
astonishing to know that there’s a
correlation between working memory and social distancing behavior
Hence, the results even impact their moods, personality, income levels and
education, etc.

Contrary to popular
belief, the aim of this study was not to shame people on their low IQ. The
objective was to figure out why some people choose to not follow social
distancing policies knowing how dangerous it can be for their health.

Zhang has a piece of simple advice for all the campaigns being run for social distancing: Be succinct,
concise, and brief. How about we put out
Distancing Floor Decals Stickers
all over the country?
What do you think? Would it help?

Updated July 29, 2020
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