Premium Membership Available For Lovers And Partners Announces Pornhub

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 17, 2020

The pandemic has been
tough on all of us since we’re either on top of our partners constantly
(literally and figuratively) or like, separated since the lockdown.

To bring some ease, Pornhub
launched Premium Lovers on its website which is a membership for all couples. This
membership is unique as it includes a feature called “lover’s playlist” so that
you can share your favorite tracks with your partner. Moreover, lovers can also
receive recommendations on videos based on the interests of their partners.

If you’re someone who
wants to know the preferences of your partner or just get a general
understanding of their fantasies and likes, this feature will suit you well.

In a press release, the
Vice President of Pornhub said:
decided to introduce our Premium Lovers membership in order to provide couples
with a resource that can not only help spice up their relationships in
quarantine, but also to help each partner learn even more about their lover on
a sexual level. Couples who play together, stay together.” 

In the same press
release, Dr. Laurie Betito, sex therapist and director of Pornhub’s Sexual
Wellness Center said:
“No matter
what stage of a relationship you’re currently at, it’s important to infuse
novelty into your repertoire. Watching porn together can help foster intimacy
emotionally and physically. You never know, you may discover something about
your own sexual preferences you hadn’t considered before.”

Premium Lovers is free
for the first seven days and after that if you continue to subscribe, you’d be
getting the monthly bill of $14.99!


Updated June 17, 2020
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