Quirky Ways To Ask Out Your Crush

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  • POSTED ON: February 14, 2020

With the heart-shaped balloons, flowers on the stalls, and chocolates being sold in the shops, even an ice-cold heart that is pessimistic about love is bound to feel the feels. 

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Valentine’s Day is the day you pour your heart out to someone. So, grab this opportunity and ask out your crush today!

Now, you must be thinking ‘how’? If it was that easy, you would have done it already. Well, we have some quirky ideas for you. Whether you want to acknowledge somebody’s presence in life or if you want to tell someone that you love them, below is your go-to guide!

Valentine’s Day 2020 is all about grand gestures. So, grab your suit boys because you’re either going big or going home. Take your girl to a fancy restaurant, someplace where you have a water fountain view. Order her favourite dish, get the classiest wine, and make sure you give her all the attention she deserves. You can’t go wrong with this.

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Now you must be thinking, what about the women? How can they make their men feel special on this day? Well, breakfast in bed after real sex is all good. But how can you truly go out there?

Flash mob! Really, pick any romantic comedy movie in the world, and it will testify that this trick can never go wrong. Take Friends with Benefits for instance, how did Mila Kunis impress Justin Timberlake’s character? She surprised him with a flash mob! It’s quirky, hilarious, and memory to reminisce over.

Text your crush and bond over a common interest. If you have a crush, then you’ve probably stalked all of their social media profiles. It’s interesting how social media has made our love lives so much easier. Anyway, the point is that you know of all the things they’re interested in. This makes it easier for you to start a conversation. And once you get there, you can easily drop a hint or make a reference to ask them out.

For example, if they like drugs, you can go “weed you be my valentine?” Cheesy, but effective. At least, you’ll be able to address your feelings in a subtle way.

Ready to surprise your crush this Valentine’s Day?

Updated February 14, 2020
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