Responsible for HIV Outbreak, Pence is Now Leading U.S. Coronavirus Response

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  • POSTED ON: February 27, 2020

As the risk of coronavirus increases, you would expect the biggest superpower in the world to be responsible enough to take action by aiding the research for the cure or by devising more effective strategies not just to protect America but also the rest of countries against the deathly epidemic.

Source: Newsweek

But under Mr Trump’s rule, you’re just looking to be disappointed if you have all the expectations mentioned above.

On Wednesday, the U.S. President announced that Vice President Mike Pence would be heading the coronavirus crisis response in the United States and the opposition and citizens couldn’t be angrier.

Why, you may ask? For people who have forgotten, this is the same Mike Pence that delayed clean needle exchange in Indiana when he was the Governor and caused the worst outbreak of HIV in the state in 2015.

He stopped the medical funds that went into the research as he did not allow the use of injections for addicts who were taking opioid, a painkilling drug. He said he could not encourage “drug use” with clean needle exchange when science has time and again proved that this practice reduces the risk of HIV.

Source: The Daily Dot

The population of South Indiana faced a major crisis, and Mr Pence refused to do anything about it and went home to “pray on it.” So, if people are reluctant to rely on him for leading the team that prevents the spread of the coronavirus, we get their mistrust.

Yale epidemiologist, Greg Gonsalves, who was responsible for carrying out the research that criticized the policies of the then Governor with the HIV outbreak was quite upset with the decision.

Source: Twitter

He tweeted, “Oh my f—-cking god. He’s’ putting @VP Mike Pence in charge of #coronavirus. This is a man that totally blotches HIV outbreak in Indiana. This is not a good idea and speaks to a lack of seriousness by the @WhiteHouse.”

And if you need more evidence of why we should not give him the charge, then Pence is also the person who said that smoking and lung cancer have no connection and “despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill”.

So it is not a revelation that not only is the VP unaware of medical conditions, he also has a history of making bad decisions due to his lack of knowledge.

Source: Twitter

Right now, 15 people in the United States have been reported to contain the virus and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the cases might increase as the epidemic spreads and therefore, people should take precautions and “prepare for disruptions” in their routine.

Updated February 27, 2020
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