Revealing the Mystery Illness of Trista Sutter’s Husband, Ryan Sutter

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  • POSTED ON: December 1, 2020

Throughout the years,
we see ABC’s bachelors shuffle around their partners to find their love
meanwhile, America judges their choices and decisions from the comfort of their
couches. But if your memory is clear, you might remember that one bachelorette
who actually found admiration from every woman who had been trying to find love
on national TV.

Back in 2003, Trista
Sutter was lucky enough to find her love in Ryan Sutter, and unlike many other
marriages in public, this one has lasted even today. However, this doesn’t mean
that they haven’t experienced their share of thorns in the bed of roses. On
Thanksgiving, Trista opened up about her marriage and Ryan Sutter’s illness and health-related
struggles. She revealed to all the fans that he’s been sick for a long time
now, and they’re unsure of what it is; thankfully, though, it’s not cancer.

Trista herself had a
little bout with health issues in 2017 when she suffered from a seizure during
her trip to Croatia with family. She felt dizzy and nauseous, and she remembers
having a very dreamlike experience. She said that after being rushed to the
hospital, doctors didn’t find anything wrong.

In her latest Instagram
post, Trista reveals that her husband has been struggling for months with a mystery
illness and it has messed them up quite badly. The former bachelorette revealed
that he’s actually been fighting this illness for a few months now.

She wrote a long post
on Thanksgiving, sharing her private details. She started the post by admitting
how Thanksgiving is one of her favorites and it has to be since she has
written a book about gratitude. She said that she loves spending quality time
with family and creating beautiful memories with them.

This year, despite her
best efforts, she just can’t remain thankful and positive. She said that she
doesn’t want to be fake or show fake gratitude when she’s truly struggling.
Then she explained the situation: her husband of almost 17 years is the one
struggling. And she said that he’s not just struggling to cook or work or
exercise or just be with the family. She said that she’s given up with her urge
to find answers and she’s tired out of her mind.

She then feels a little
bit of a relief as she knows for sure that it isn’t cancer, but she did say
that doctors are struggling to find out what exactly it is.

A HUGE relief…without a doubt, especially
after fighting to find a doctor to take symptoms that lined up with lymphoma
seriously and advocating for the scans to rule it out. But part of us was
wanting a diagnosis. Wanting to be able to fight for him to be cured instead of
fighting for an answer. How messed up is that? Don’t worry, I know. It’s messed
up. But, that’s where we are. In a holding pattern of not knowing.”

But she is truly a
woman made of iron because, despite all of this, she said that she’s thankful
because it could be worse. And also, she’s thankful because she isn’t separated
from a loved one who could possibly be dying from COVID. And she’s thankful to
have healthy children as well as health insurance and job and food on the
table. She then explained that she’s been unable to answer her emails or is
disconnected from the world because she’s emotionally drained. She reminds
people to be kind because nobody knows what’s happening behind those closed

She then took time to
acknowledge that she has lived a fairytale on TV and has had a great life. But
her patience is running out and she needs answers. Hence, she’ll continue
praying and seeking the truth, and she urged all her well-wishers to do the
same, and pray for Ryan.

Trista and Ryan got
married in 2003 and have two beautiful daughters. Ryan himself shared a picture
with his family this past weekend, and captioned it with “all you need is love.” Of course, Trista replied to his post saying
all she needs is him.

We certainly hope that
the couple comes out of this obstacle fast and sends the entire family a very
warm hug because they deserve it for being so brave!

Updated December 1, 2020
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