RZIM: Ravi Zacharias| Who Has Been the Victim of His Sexual Misconduct?

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  • POSTED ON: December 24, 2020

The news of Ravi
Zacharias’s sexual misconduct has certainly shaken the Ravi Zacharias
International Ministries. After several news outlets picked up this story, the RZIM’s
Executive Committee had no other option but to go ahead with the investigation.

– Ravi Zacharias International Ministries reveal that an investigation
regarding the sexual misconduct allegations against the founder have been
saddening, as they’ve acquired significant evidence to confirm the accusations.

The announcement was
made on Wednesday afternoon so as to inform the staff, donors, and supporters
of RZIM. The investigation started back in August when
multiple women came forward with their experiences and accused Zacharias of sexual misconduct. They
said that he assaulted them at a day spa of which he is the co-owner of.

Miller & Martin
PLLC has continued its investigation which apparently won’t end till the end of
February of the coming year. The board of RZIM decided that it was best to make
the announcement soon so as to brief the members on this important piece of
information. The investigation has led to the discovery that Ravi did engage in
sexual misconduct and abused his position of power. 

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According to the
statement given by the board, the misconduct is unfortunate and
deeply troubling. They’re shocked to find out that the man Ravi pretends to be, and
the man he is actually guilty of being, are polar opposites. Ravi Zacharias,
who served four decades in the public ministry, died after a battle with cancer
in May 2020.

After finding serious
evidence against Ravi, RZIM has come forward and showed compassion with the
victims. The board said that RZIM is devastated by the level of pain these
victims endured. They’ve maintained confidentiality and promise to continue
this investigation with utmost anonymity. RZIM is committed in the quest for
the truth and will do everything to honor the wishes of Ravi’s victims.

The women who came
forward with the allegations said that Zacharias touched them and behaved inappropriately
in their presence for over five years. He would also expose himself and make
them feel super uncomfortable and scared. They further revealed that in the
beginning, Zacharias would make them feel cared for and would show interest in learning about
their lives.  But after gaining their
trust, he would violate it by engaging in sexual misconduct.

These accusations have
come out three years after a Canadian woman accused him of having an
inappropriate relationship with her. Lori Anne Thompson – the Canadian woman –
alleged that she and Ravi had a twisted and vastly inappropriate relationship,
in which they would exchange sexual images and conversations with one another.
Zacharias then sued her and denied all the allegations.

In the 2017 statement,
Zacharias categorically denied all the allegations and claimed that he had
never met the woman either privately or in public. He then said that he never
sent a woman inappropriate and sexual images.

He said: “The question is not whether I
solicited or sent any illicit photos or messages to another woman—I did not,
and there is no evidence to the contrary—but rather, whether I should have been
a willing participant in any extended communication with a woman not my wife.
The answer, I can unequivocally say, is no, and I fully accept responsibility.
In all my correspondence with thousands of people in 45 years of ministry, I
have never been confronted with a situation such as this, and God and my family
and close friends know how grieved I have been.”

After his death,
Thompson requested the Zacharias family to release her from the NDA
(non-disclosure agreement) that she was forced to sign in the settlement with

image credit: Outreach Magazine

Miller & Martin
PLLC has released the interim report of the investigation, in which the entire
method of the investigation is revealed. According to this report, there have
been one-on-one interviews with the victims along with procurement of
electronic data.

It has also been
revealed that many victims refused to talk to the investigator, meanwhile
others have provided credible details of their experiences. After combining the
extracted information, it has been reviewed in the documents and electronic
data, after which, it has been confirmed that he did in fact participate in sexual

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The investigation has
also unveiled that a lot of evidence is consistent with the information that is
public. Some information that has been uncovered has been of a serious nature.
The investigators have promised to continue their work and follow the leads.

RZIM has come forward
with the information not because it intends to stop the investigation entirely
without reaching the full conclusions. On the contrary, it aims to get to the
bottom of this investigation and has no plans to stop midway. However, RZIM
felt necessary to reveal what it has discovered.

This is the statement
given by RZIM: “We want to ensure
the investigators have appropriate time and space to complete their work and
allow all those who may still desire to have a voice in this process to do so.
We ask for continued patience as we complete a lengthy process of investigating
serious allegations.”

The interim report
verifies that the investigators have found significant and credible evidence
that Zacharias used to engage in sexual misconduct in the last couple of years.

We hope that the
victims get justice!


Updated December 24, 2020
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