Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: June 29, 2020

Love him or hate him,
you just can’t ignore Sacha Baron Cohen.

The comedian took part
in a rally that was organized by a right-wing militia group. What was his
contribution? Well, he sang an eye-raising racist song which quickly became a
hit as many protestors starting singing along.

As already mentioned,
this rally was organized by a militia group who you might know as the three
percenters. If you don’t know who the three percenters are then you might take
reference from the Southern Poverty Law. This law describes how only 3 percent
of the American colonist fought against the British during the War of
Independence. So, you can say that this term is representative of an
anti-government movement.

Cohen apparently
disguised himself as the head of a political committee to get an entry as an
event sponsor.  This allowed him to not
only benefit from tight security but also to stay on stage even after the
organizers noticed something fishy.

Interestingly, Cohen
sang on stage using the call and response strategy. The story became public
when one of the organizers laid out the entire story. He went on to put the
entire blame on Washington State’s Democratic Party and Gov. Jay Inslee –
without any evidence.

The organizers were
quick to point guns at Cohen for singing a racist song, but did they not attend
the event because as far as I can remember, the attendees were actually singing
along? Back in 2018, Cohen used this trick to show the real faces of the
conservative parties who were pro-gun at the time.


The comedian reportedly initiated a near-riot simply with a song at a rightwing rally. Eventually, he was left with no other option than to flee from the rally’s angry crowd  –  in an ambulance.


Updated June 29, 2020
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